Thila Homam

Thila Homam – For Pitru Shanthi

Thila Homam is performed to Pitru shanthi. Pithru Karyiam for the deceased souls. Homam is consistently done for the sake of Athma (Name and star of the dead person). This homam is performed for giving mukthi to the souls of dead relation, different relatives and associates and consequently the person who perform this homam gets relief of all unfriendly impacts on them because of the anxiety of the souls. This homam is performed to get easing from the condemnation of fore-fathers additionally.

It can be performed by the relatives in the interest of an individual who had an unnatural passing, which will give a way to light to the deceased soul.

Importance of Thila Homam

The main purpose for performing Thila Homam is to get relieves from pithru dosha and helps to attain blessings from your family predecessor who will lighten up you and your family with all good things in life.

Benefits of Performing Thila Homam

  • Thila Homam is very must for those having delay in their marriage.
  • Performing Thila Homam is very suitable one for those facing problem in child birth.
  • By performing this homam those who facing difficulties in finding jobs can get easily.
  • Thila Homam is recommended for those having disharmony with family and among couples.
  • Very must homam for those facing frequent accidents and health illness.

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