Ucchista Ganapathy Homam


Strengthens Your Career & Wealth


A yagna in the name of Ucchista Ganapathy will go a long way in shaping one’s career positively, bringing about success in all endeavours, fast progress in job related matters and for absolute control of life. For children, the deity multiplies their learning skills successfully. On the business front, big transformations can be witnessed by performing the Ucchista Ganapathy yagna. If any planetary errors in the birth charts, then these can be addressed too. It helps derive positive energies so that one lead life happily and prosperously.


Ucchista Ganapathy is worshipped in the tantric form as he is understood to offer his devotees everything in abundance. He embraces his consort unlike any other aspect of Lord Ganesha symbolising his initiative to grant the boon of progeny to his devotees. Couples wanting children can pray to Him and grants them wishes successfully. Besides removing obstacles from the path, the Lord blesses the devotees with success and brings elevation in career and grants wealth and prosperity to all.


The word ‘Ucchista’ indicates leftovers and here the God is worshipped in the impure state with a visible dash of vulgarity or may be with remnants of food in his mouth.


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A symbol of wisdom


Lord Ganapathy is a perfect epitome of arts and science and is known for his wisdom and intellect. His large head symbolises his vast wisdom, understanding and huge intellect. His wide mouth signifies natural human desire to enjoy life, the large ears to listen to others and assimilate ideas. The trunk can hold everything in the universe and represents ‘OM’ the sacred sound of cosmic reality. The two tusks represent wisdom and emotion. The eyes are for surrendering one’s pride and humility. The trident drawn on the forehead symbolises time. Hands holding paddy and the fruit symbolises fertility and abundance. In this way, he grants the boon of progeny to his devotee. It is said that the god can be revered during any time by reciting a specific mantra 16,000 times a day.


There are 32 manifestations of Lord Ganapathy or Ganesh, the one who removes obstacles from the path of a devotee and also blesses them with good fortune. Some of them are Bala, Veera, Shakthi, Vijaya, Nritya Ganapathy etc. Ucchista Ganapathy is yet another personification representing tantric form. His very portrayal is quite different from all the other incarnations. His complexion is blue or almost black with six arms on the right holding rosary beads, pomegranate fruit and a twig of paddy. On the left side he embraces a goddess who is seated on his lap, while the other two arms grasp a musical instrument, Veena and a blue lotus. This unique form is worshipped for success in endeavours, fast progress in job related matters and for absolute control of life.


Ucchista Ganapathy mantra


“Neelabja Dadaimee Veena Shali Gujaksha Sutrakam
Dadahduchishta Namamya Ganeshah Paadu Mechakah”


What the mantra means
‘Deep blue in form with six hands holding a pomegranate fruit, the Veena, blue lotus, sprig of paddy, rudraksha beads and noose, a goddess sits on Ganesha’s left lap.’
It means that by appeasing this form of Ganesha one controls the five senses and achieves absolute control of wealth and prosperity.


How Ucchista Ganapathy ritual helps


The yagna mainly focuses on improving the knowledge and skill of the devotee. Children benefit to a wider extent as it increases their intellect in a very effective way. Both on the home and business front, one can witness a huge transformation. It also offers a wide scope to experience more knowledge. It is a great remedy for couples wanting children.

Uchista Ganapathi Homam Benefits


  • A ray of hope for childless couples
  • Removes hurdles and opens new horizons
  • Uplifts  one’s career and business
  • Fulfils wishes of devotees
  • Means to derive wisdom and stay focussed in life
  • Bad effects of planets can be neutralized
  • Prosperity will surely knock your doors
  • It ensures happiness, health and wealth


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