Ugadi Puja

Ugadi is praised on the main day of Shukla paksha in the long stretch of Chaitra. As indicated by the Gregorian schedule, Ugadi falls in the period of March-April. The word Ugadi or Yugadi actually signifies ‘the start of another age’. Concerning the beginning of the Kali Yuga that began when Lord Krishna left the world, Ugadi is praised as the New Year in the Deccan locale that lies between the Vindhyachal slopes and the Kaveri waterway, comprising of the conditions of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka.

As indicated by inheritance, Lord Kartik once asked individuals to tie crisp leaves of a mango tree to the entryway to show a decent yield. The celebration of Ugadi starts at the beginning of the spring season and denotes a cheerful, solid and prosperous year. During the Ugadi celebration, ‘Panchanga Sravanam’ occasion is composed to anticipate the future and give solutions for beating troublesome minutes ahead. The sacred texts of the Panchanga express that the perusers, just as the audience members, are profited which are proportional to having a plunge in the waterway Ganges. In Karnataka, ‘Bevu Bella’ is circulated which is produced using Neem and Jaggery. The mix connotes that life is a blend of sweet and unpleasant days and these ought to be acknowledged as a piece of life. God will consistently be there to favor and secure.

Different Names Of Ugadi Puja

In southern regions, individuals are praising this celebration with various names there are:

  • Thapna in Rajasthan
  • Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra
  • Sajubu nongma padwa in Manipur
  • Chhetri chand among Sindhis
  • Puthandu in Tamil Nadu
  • Baisakhi in Punjab.

How To Perform Ugadi Puja

Arrangements for Ugadi start seven days ahead of time and incorporate traditions basic to many spring celebrations, for example, housekeeping and purchasing new garments. Upon the arrival of Ugadi, the custom is to find a workable pace for an Abhyanga head shower an in the wake of kneading with sesame oil.

Ugadi envoys the appearance of Spring and hotter climate. All things considered, it is a blissful celebration meaning the development and flourishing and likewise, with all New Year celebrations, it is an opportunity to get the blunders of the past behind, make forecasts and a decent time to begin new pursuits.

Standard nourishment arranged during Ugadi is Bevu Bella, a glue produced using jaggery (sugar), neem buds, tamarind juice, and crude mango. The glue consolidates a few prepared tastes. These various tastes are planned to remind anybody of tasting the glue that life is a blend of cheerful and miserable occasions.

Significance  Of  Ugadi Puja

At the point when Lord Brahma started a progression of excellent manifestations, including the earth and all the living things. The celebration of Ugadi is commended to recognize that the day on which Lord Brahma began making Earth. It likewise sets the new galactic cycle into movement. The festivals and supplications fill individuals’ hearts with satisfaction and happiness. Beginning with uplifting desire is one of the key parts of Ugadi. The day additionally denotes the start of the spring season. With plants, shoots, and leaves waking up, the day is accepted to set things for a new and effective fresh start.

Benefits Of Ugadi Puja

  • Addition Will power, and expel negativities.
  • Favor great wellbeing, and ailment – free life.
  • Defeat fatigue, and bounty throughout everyday life.
  • Evacuate neediness, and increase profound vitality.
  • Favor incredible holding, evacuate parts and clashes.