Lord Vamana

Vamana Homam – To Get Favour from Lord Vishnu

Vamana is the fifth incarnation of God Vishnu that showed up in Treta Yuga. Vaman implies a Dwarf “Vamana”, as the name demonstrates ‘One who has a little body’. It was as a kid. Once asura Mahabali managed over every one of the three lok .The God and devtas were extremely embarrassed because of loss of their kingdom so they engaged ruler Vishnu to expel mahbali from indra lok. Master Vishnu comforted alternate devtas to help them. When Mahabali was performing a yagya and for its prosperity he needed to give anything that a Brahmin seeks. Then God Vishnu takes vamana symbol and solicited only three feet from area.

Importance of  Vamana Homam

Performing Vamana Homam individual gets monstrous quality to battle despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, wrongs and adversaries and develops out as a champ. He picks up certainty and shrewdness and is regarded and perceived in his circle of work.

Benefits of Performing Vamana Homam

  • By performing Vamana Homam one can get relief from any sorts of hindrances.
  • Vamana Homam is very favorable for one to get recognized easily in their work circle.
  • Performing this homam helps to increase the prosperity in life.
  • Helpful homam to get out of any sorts of malefic effects.

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