Meaning of Vasthu Shastra:

Vasthu is a Sanskrit word that means dwelling place or house. Shastra means science or doctrine.

Vasthu Shastra is an architectural science that originated in India. The origin of this Shastra is traced out to the Stapatya Veda, from Adharvana Veda.

This science spells out how construction greatly influences an individual’s way of life, health and prosperity. From dwelling places to temples for which Vasthu Shastra is applied, it is also applied to furniture, vehicles, vessels etc. The Vasthu is based on the five basic elements and they are earth, fire, water, air and space.

What is Vasthu Purusha Mandala?

The Vasthu Purusha Mandala is the mathematical and diagrammatic source for creating a design. It is also termed as a building’s metaphysical plan that incorporates the celestial bodies and mystical forces. While Purusha is the energy or power or soul, Mandala is the plan or chart.

According to the Hindu cosmology, the surface of the earth is symbolized by a square. In other words the earth is represented by the four corners – North, South, East and West. This square is also associated with the square birth charts or horoscopes.

The centre of this square is ruled by Lord Brahma.

The other directions are referred as follows:

North- Kubera- Lord of wealth

South- Yama- Lord of death

East- Indra- Solar deity- Aditya

West- Varuna- Lord of water

Northeast– Ruled by Shiva

Southeast- Agni- Fire deity – Agni

Northwest- Vayu- Lord of winds

Southwest- Pitru/Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors

Where should the rooms be located as per the Vasthu Mandala?

As per the positions occupied by various Gods in the Vasthu Mandala here are some basics on where each room should be located:

  • North – coffers
  • South – bedroom
  • East – restroom
  • West – dining room
  • Northeast – pooja room
  • Northwest – cowshed.
  • Southeast – kitchen
  • Southwest – armory

What is Vasthu Purusha?

The Vasthu Purusha is the commanding God of any particular site or dwelling place. It is believed that the lord lies with the head placed in the North-East direction and legs in the South-West direction. This position is not stationery and will keep changing all through the year.

The energy does not emanate from the North-East corner of the building just because the Vasthu Lord’s head lies there. The centre of the building known as the Brahmasthan and this is place where the energy emanates from.

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