Venus Homam

Venus Homam – Observing Major Transformations in Life

The planet Venus (Shukra) is the most kind of every last one of planets. To have a happy married life, one ought to love this planet. Likewise those running Venus dasha or Sub-period.  In Vedic astrology gazing, the planet Venus is known as Shukra. Shukra is considered as a useful planet. Venus God is accepted to be beguiling with an astonishing physical make-up, fabulous in nature, apathetic and breezy. The Nature of Venus (Shukra) is watery.

Importance of Venus Homam

There is a prevalent expression that expresses that the “Men are from Mars and the Women are from Venus”. Ladies are the rising power now and in the hundreds of years to come. Venus represents the “Female”; though the Mars tenets men. Today, ladies’ monetary and social support is considered as a standard necessity for a country’s solid majority rule improvement.

Benefits of Performing Venus Homam

To get enthusiasm toward new Educational Courses, Architecture, Articultures, software, film Department, Animation, Garments Business, Transport, House, vehicle, Leading Luxurious life and so on: – for the above qualities, the ruler (ADHIPATI) is planet Shukra, if any Doshas/ Problems confronting with identified with above exercises, for removable of any troubles, aggravations, snags confronting with any of the above exercises SHUKRA Shaanti must be done. shukra will help us to create Educational interests and budgetary status for the duration of the life.


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