Virgo horoscope 2017 


Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac calendar. Virgo is feminine, graceful, duty bound, meticulous, perfectionist, sincere, caring, full of ideas, critical, an earthy sign, selfless like a mother, nurturing, strict, followers of rules, good organizers, organized, methodical, efficient, helping nature, excellent communicators, advisers, protective, energetic, intelligent, humble, fitness conscious.

Element Earth.
Quality– Mutable, flexible
Characteristics: Earthy, mutable, feminine, cold.
Ruling planet: Mercury.
Symbol: The Virgin.
The Symbol denotes: Matters pertaining to food, fitness, clothing, hygiene and health.
Birthstone– Sardonyx.
Birth Colours – Earth tones, ochre, orange, yellow.
Lucky colours – Grey, fawn, muted yellows, mushroom, blues, greens and brown.
Flowers and Plants Narcissus, all small, coloured flowers especially blue and yellow and all nuts.
CompatibleSigns– Taurus,Capricorn.
Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships – Pisces.
Anatomically Virgo corresponds to: Bowels or abdomen; rectal and abdominal muscles; arteries serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine; intestinal veins.

Positive Qualities: Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, efficiency, cautiousness, intelligence, domesticity, prudence, industriousness, action-orientation, intuitiveness, perfectionism.

Negative Qualities: Selfishness, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, skepticism, coldness, unresponsiveness, inconstancy, indecision, short tempered nature, timidity, calculative approach.


You will enjoy good health during the year. Lemons, almonds, chicory, whole wheat, black olive, and lean meat, avocados, eggs, and fresh sea food are good for you. You should be careful against catching cold and cough which is common among your rasi natives. You will be susceptible to cold, running nose in the months of February and March 2017. Take green leafy vegetables and fruits. Take lot of fresh fruit juices which will increase your vigour and stamina and remove toxins from your system. Daily morning walk for 10 kms will keep check on sugar and cholesterol levels. Take noni juice with lots of water to  remove toxins from your system.

Career and Profession

Profession will go well for you. You are a perfectionist and your plans and goals will be achieved. Projects and projections will go as per schedule. Past arrears and dues will be cleared. Customers will be happy and the management will be encouraging. Businessmen will expect steady sales, good income, good profits with higher margins and payments will come comfortably.

Finance and property 

You will enjoy steady income and surplus cash. Save for the future in safe financial instruments like bank deposits, bonds, post office schemes and one time premium of LIC.  Real estate dealing will be profitable if done after June 2017.


You will be blessed with love, affection and support of the family and have peace and happiness in the family. In the office front, there will be support and co-operation from colleagues and co-workers.


  1.  Support a child from poor family for education
  2. Do annadanam regularly
  3. Make a trip to Tirupati Tirumala and take the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara
  4. Wearing gold chain is auspicious
  5. Offer avishegam for Lord Ganesha on chaturthi and sankatahara chaturthi days

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