Kleem – Attraction Mantra for Wish Fulfillment


Mantras are powerful words or phrases that need to be repeated for a particular time so that its true benefit can be experienced by the chanter. Most mantras are chanted for miraculous gains mainly with positive outcomes. It helps to eliminate diseases, neutralise karma, gets rid of obstacles, checks disasters, and brings blessings of deities in plenty, etc.

There are many mantras to recite and one such is the ‘Kleem mantra’ invoking powerful deity Durga. Kleem is a beej mantra i.e. the smallest form that’s like a beej or a seed that when sown grows into something huge like a tree. When a beej mantra is chanted it produces resonations or vibrations that resemble the call of the soul.  Most mantras are made of up to nine words and mantras like ‘aum’ is the mystic call of the tri devas and represents their union.

The Deities and the Kleem Mantra

The Kleem mantra is associated with many deities of the Vedic pantheon. Though Goddess Durga or Parvathi is mostly invoked through the mantra for her love and attachment to Lord Shiva, the Kleem mantra is also invokes Lord Krishna for his attractive abilities and pure love.

Generally, the Kleem mantra is recited to uphold relationships, strengthen bonds between couples, to cause harmony and peace. It’s an ‘akarshana’ mantra that can be used by both men and women to increase love energy and to fulfill wishes.

The Kleem mantra has the potential to create and recreate and can fulfill all major desires and wishes. It fortifies your spiritual and material needs and ensures your prosperity in all walks of life.  It actually harmonises your spirit or aura or prana so that you gain maximum from the mantra.

Kleem Chanting – For Manifold Blessings That You Need The Most

—It helps create harmony in relationships like friendship, love, marriage, business or trade.

—It is a great means to attract prosperity and wealth.

—It overcomes all blocks including personal ones like lack of confidence, social anxiety etc.

—It’s also a great method to improve health especially stress and tension – the recital regulates blood pressure and sleep disorders.

Here’s What You Have to Follow for Chanting the Mantra

  • Wake up in the morning early; purify yourself by taking a bath. The best time would be from 4am-6am.
  • Keep a garland of rosary beads with you to keep track of the mantra count.
  • Light a lamp in the puja altar or you can sit facing the east on a mat preferably.
  • Begin chanting the mantra slowly from the first syllable to the last … kkklllleeeeemmmm…… the mantra has to be chanted 108 times a day.
  • Chant for at least 40 days to see miraculous changes in your life.


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