Goddess Girija Devi 

Goddess Girija devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga devi , a form of Goddess Girija who is the consort of Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple Viraja(Girija) is one of the 18 shakti peethas. In this temple Goddess Girija is worshipped in three forms: Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Mahalakshmi, and Goddess Mahasaraswati. This temple is located in Jaipur district, Odissa which is 125km from the north of Bhuvaneshwar Siddheswar temple. Here, Goddess Sati’s navel had fallen in this place.

This temple was built by the King of Kesari dynasty named Jajati kesari. The Goddess Girija stands 70 ft from the floor and the temple is named after the King Jajati Keshari. According to the legacy, the place is also known as ‘Gadakhestra’, as Bhima’s Gada (mace) was lying in this holy place. In front of this temple stand two lions above elephant.  This is the symbol of Kesari dynasty and then Gajapati dynasty (Symbol of elephant) in Orissa.

Several battles were fought here including the last battle in Orissa that established the Muslim rule. The last reigning king of Orissa, Mukundadev was killed in this battle in Gohira Tikiri, this place 5 km away from Jaipur. After the death of the King Mukundadev, Muslim rulers plundered the temples of Orissa under the ferocious general “Kala Pahad”.   There was mass destruction of sculptures and structures in Jaipur. The temples which are present now bear a testimony to the glory of  a place that was once an epicentre of religion and culture.

The temples at Jaipur denotes the architectural splendor and  Some of the temples known for archaeological wealth, located along the bank of the River Baitrani, include the famous shrines of the Goddess Durga (Girija), Sveta Baraha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the white boar), Sapta Matruka, and  other gods.

How Pujas Are Performing By An Ancestors

A great Yagya was performed by the Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma over the body of the demon Gayasur who is an arsent devotee of Lord Vishnu as they want to kill the demon Gayasur by Lord Vishnu. The feet of Demon Gayasur is located in the village of Pithapuram in Andhra Pradesh, Head is located in  Siro Gaya fell in Bihar, and  Trunk or Nabhi Gaya in Orissa

According to the purana of Mahabharatha, wherein Pandavas  took a holy dip in Baitrani River to wash out all sorrows and sufferings during their Vanavasa. Nabhi Kund is a pond where Lord Brahma is said to have performed a Yagya, which is also present near the temple. According to Skanda Purana, Utkala khandaa dip in the holy river Vaitrani washes all rajo guna of pilgrims.


In this temple devotees are offering prayers to Lord Jagannath and Goddess Girija  and performing daily rituals include, Snan, Abhisheka, Pushpa Alankar, Doop, Deep and Maha Naivedya to Lord Jagannath and the deity’s teeth are brushed with the help of Bilwa leaves . Then the deity is readied for the royal bath by applying Gandhamala, turmeric and sandal paste, sarbaushadhi and other scented oils.  In the evening, the rituals start with Dhoop Seva, Nivedhanam, Neeranjana, Mantra Pushpam, Darbar Seva and Pavalimpu Seva. The chanting mantras of Goddess Bana Durga to Goddess Girija removes past birth sins, bless early marriage, and Triumph over foes.


  • Removes past birth sins.
  • Removes all kind of dosha in a horoscope.
  • Gain stable financial conditions.
  • Gain spiritual energy and remove negativities.
  • Bless disease-free life.
  • Bless childless for child, and early marriage.