Ashta Lakshmi 

Eight form of Goddess Lakshmi and their Goodness at Once!

  • Each of these eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi is the ruler deity of various forms of Wealth such as Materials, Money, Grains, Luck, Progeny, Courage, Victory and Knowledge.
  • AshtaLakshmi homam represents the homam for eight forms of Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.  She is the consort of Lord Maha Vishnu and grants wealth and prosperity in eight folds.
  • She fulfills the desires of her devotees and generously endows everyone with material wealth, good harvest, power and strength, offsprings, prosperity, victory, comfort and luxury, success, and good fortune. Her role is that of a mother who keeps her followers free of worries and provides them with an abundance of everything.

Performing Lakshmi Yajna or Homam is vital and valuable.  Because of its amazing results, it brings success to your family or business, helps raise your wealth, reliability, and standing in the market, and can reap enormous profits in your occupation. Get the power to overcome all your difficulties and relief from health disorders. Also performing this Homam will offer protection from evil power.

The Eight Forms Of Goddess Lakshmi Bestow Varied Types Of Blessings:-

 1. Adi Lakshmi (Primordial)

First to be worshipped and is symbolized for eternal wealth. There is no end to her supply of wealth which is never ending and keeps flowing incessantly.

2. Dhanyalakshmi (Foodgrains)

The mother who feeds. ‘Dhanyam’ means food grains and she is the goddess of food and sustenance and nourishes the entire universe.

3. Dhairyalakshmi (Courage)- She is worshipped for courage and strength. She is depicted as having eight arms and wears a red sari.

4. Gaja Lakshmi (Elephants)

The Goddess with Gajas or elephants is the most common form where in two tuskers are seen on either side of the goddess pouring water from their trunks over the goddess. This signifies the very aspect of Lakshmi like prosperity, good luck, and abundance.

5. Santanalakshmi (Offspring)

The goddess who is invoked for begetting children. She bestows her devotees with wealth in the form of perfect children with good health and long life.

6. Vijayalakshmi (Victory)

This form symbolizes victory in all endeavors. She endows her devotees with success in all activities during different stages in life. She ensures triumph anywhere, everywhere, and at all times.

 7. Vidya Lakshmi (Education)

She ensures 16 qualities imbibed by a person through education. Education does not only mean knowledge gained from schools or colleges, but also qualities acquired from experience like serenity, absence of vanity, sincerity, adaptability, humility, nobility, magnanimity, charity, equanimity, fixity, simplicity, purity, generosity, regularity, integrity and charity.

8. Dhanalakshmi (Wealth)

She symbolises material wealth, prosperity and fortune. She is also worshipped for luxury, relinquishing courage and blissful life.

 Benefits of Performing Ashta Lakshmi Homam

  • This homam provides methods for overcoming debts and financial difficulties by addressing exact needs.
  • One can be able to earn excess income in multiple ways with this homam.
  • Also, it helps to get profits in new business by resolving problems.
  • Furthermore, people can be able to remove negative effects to planets in a horoscope with this homam for earning high income.
  • Moreover, doshas and karmic issues can be resolved quickly that cause financial problems in life.

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