Lakshmi Devi is the consort of God Maha Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Ashta Lakshmi is the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. It denotes the eight aspects of Lakshmi, the eight representations of wealth. Only on obtaining these eight types of wealth one can be actually rich. Worshipping these Ashta lakshmi will bless you with Physical, financial, spiritual and material wealth. Also performing a pooja to these Lakshmi will shower one with Wealth, victory, knowledge and luck. Worshipping these forms especially on navratri will give abundance, confidence, prosperity, happiness, success etc.


Dhana Lakshmi – Dhana Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, wealth and material possessions. Her name itself literally means money, fortune, income, and riches. Devoting a homa to Dhana Lakshmi is of great significance for she downpours wealth and riches continuously to her devotees. She also helps them stay away from debts, financial struggles and makes their life wealthy and happier.


Gaja Lakshmi – Gaja Lakshmi represents Elephants denoting anything Larger or huge, than normal. The word “Gaj” stands for elephant which symbolizes the vehicles we use to transport. Performing a homa to Gajalakshmi gives you freedom and showers you with the power to win over all evil things. It also blesses you with comfort and victory.


Adi Lakshmi – The name Adi Lakshmi means beginning and everlasting eternity. This Lakshmi is renowned for giving Infinite prosperity and guards the human race from disasters and evil powers. Worshipping Adi Lakshmi protects all human beings and gives world peace. She also maintains an uninterrupted flow of Wealth.


Vijaya Lakshmi – Vijaya Lakshmi is the Goddess of victory, confidence, courage, and persistent determination. Vijay means “victory”, devoting a homa to Vijaya Lakshmi will bring fearlessness and success to her Devotees. This homa strengthens one’s character and motivates, uplifts one in moving along his/her goal.


Dhairya Lakshmi – This deity is the Goddess of patience, strategy, planning, and objectivity. She is a powerful deity who instills courage in her devotees. Even the worst coward can attain courage by performing this homa to Goddess Dhairya Lakshmi. She gives the patience and strength to bear incompetence and grants bravery to deal with any sort of action. She also implies that “planning and strategy” plays an important role in reaching your target.


Dhanya Lakshmi – Dhanya Lakshmi represnts grain, health, food, and nourishment. Devoting a homa to her with ultimate sincerity will shower you with abundant food and helps in maintaining your health not just for you but for your family too. Food is the most basic necessity to sustain life. Praying to her will bless you that and maintains robust health in both body and mind; free of any health disorder.


Vidya Lakshmi – Vidya Lakshmi is the renowned Goddess of education, skills, and knowledge. The name “Vidya” itself means knowledge. She is the Goddess of learning who showers humanity with the greatest wealth that is “knowledge”. Worship her by devoting a homa to her to enhance your tactics, skillfulness, concentration in education and success in life.


Santana Lakshmi – Santana Lakshmi is the Goddess of children, family, legacy, and progeny. The word “Santan” literally stands for children. Offering poojas or homa to this benevolent deity will bestow you with a glorious child. She blesses her sincere devotees with progeny, grows their legacy, builds their children with good character and intentions.


AshtaLakshmi Homam


Wealth You Receive by performing Ashtalakshmi Homam


Good health

Child, progeny

Knowledge and wisdom


Money and riches


Robust health