Magha Nakshatra

Magha, the brightest and the largest among all Nakshatras are represented in the night sky by a sickle-shaped group of stars in front of the royal constellation of Leo.

Ancient Vedic Legends saw this constellation as a Throne while others saw it as a Lion.

The brightest among them is Regulus or Alpha-Leonis with a visual magnitude of 1.41 which is easily visible in the night sky. For these prominent reasons, it is also called as “Little King” or “Little Sun”. The rest of the stars in this constellation lies above it, and in modern astronomy, they are called as Eta-Leonis Zeta-Leonis Sigma-Leonis

Magha Nakshatra Male Characteristics

He is oxymoronic because of the mismatch in his thoughts and his outputs. He doesn’t stand by his opinions but holds a high moral value for himself. He has a gifted tongue and vocal cords that everyone loves to hear him talk. This eventually drives him towards activities that are mostly involving stage plays, anchoring a show, or even a public speaker and eventually a politician. He constantly equips himself with new ideas and fuels his mind to achieve what has not been achieved yesterday. Simply, he’s in a fast forward motion accelerated by his ego and old memories.

Professional Life: They have strong desires and an urge towards diversified interests. As a result, they can even end up juggling between different professions although they are much inclined towards Arts. They are more likely to become Orators, Communicators with a top-notch strategic mindset, Media services, or even as a Politician because of their persuading skills and deceiving talks. He looks like a guy who doesn’t care much about wealth and acquisitions but deep inside he longs for it so badly.

Health: He has frequent joint pains, elbow, bone-related problems, indigestion, and chronic diseases

Magha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

She is that kind of a woman who wants to have control over everything that’s next to her. Although she sounds Cocky and self-oriented she also does empathize with others. She can argue about anything with anyone and can win it effortlessly as she has known the tricks of the trade better.

Professional Life: Well educated Ashlesha women are often seen to be designated for decision making roles in an organization.  When she misses her formal education she is known to be looking after her home and kids with a joyful nature and also doing some part-time jobs at few instances.

Health: She is known to have frequent ear pain, pain in joints, menstrual problems, and mental anxiety.

Lucky Stones:  Cat’s eye

Advantages of Wearing Cat’s Eye:

  • Cat’s eye stone is known to improve the eye & brain capability by stabilizing the visionary and memory powers respectively.
  • It is known to improve the luck factor and enhances the chances of earning wealth in a quick time.
  • It is known to reduce the chances of getting affected by cancer and other hard-to-cure diseases.
  • When Cat’s eye stone is worn with full divinity, it completes wipes off evil eyes and brings prosperity
  • It brings success, fortune, and ultimate wisdom to the wearer by eliminating every negative aura that surrounds them.
  • Ketu Dosha, the most dangerous and longest Dosha that lasts for around 18 years is said to be nullified when Cat’s eye stone is worn with proper consultation from an astrologer.

Remedies for Magha Nakshatra

  • Paying reverence or obeisance towards elders and ancestors.
  • Worshipping Kali and Shiva is the best way of mastering the energy of this Nakshatra
  • Following Magha’s favorable directions, colors, numbers, letters and worshipping Serpent deities, the natives can expect significant changes and improvements in the standard of life.

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Magha Nakshatra Personalities – Secret of success