Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Well mannered, Skillful, Regulated, Authoritative, and Workaholic individuals. Capricorn is depicted by a Mountain Goat that moves forwards and is always in a constant urge to climb uphill. Capricorn is a zodiac sign that brings out the working side of life. Capricornus constellation is located in the Southern hemisphere and it is represented by a blend of Goat & Fish. In Latin, it is called as “goat horn”. Capricorn is an Earth sign which makes them very grounded even during difficult situations. This quality further elongates to turn them into persistent and stubborn. It further influences them to become more rational and responsible along with being cold.

Capricorn Positive Traits

Capricorn represents time and responsibility. Capricorns value their time very significantly that if there is even a slight possibility of success, they’re like a crane that waits long and hard to all day peck on the right fish. They uphold their traditional values with much dignity and are key specialists in maintaining inner peace. Capricorn is subtly called as The Goat of fear; the tail of goat is blended with a fish in order to help the goat to overcome fear and obstacles and to create a sense of fear and panic among the intruder. Capricorns show great character and responsibility whenever they take up new tasks and challenges.

Capricorn Negative Traits

Their stiff quality and stubbornness can go to a very large extent that they wouldn’t consider moving from one perception to another. Capricorn is a tough customer when it comes to dealing with people of diverse opinions; they simply don’t care or they would go to an extreme on imposing their principles and ideologies onto them as they possess “know-it-all” attitude Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is known for its cold and unforgiving nature that makes life even darker and heavier.

Capricorn Male Characteristics:

Caps possess built-in managerial skills that make them stand ahead of everyone in a crowd. They are independent deep inside their hearts as they are not bound or confined to any restrictions. They are an absolute pro when it comes to self-control. Caps are the ideal examples for the saying “One who controls himself can control anyone” They learn from their mistakes solely but hate it when others pinpoint or rub it over their face. Their love for quality craftsmanship and music is unmatchable and they have a very distinct and classical taste in almost everything. They have experienced and come to a point in life where they have understood that attack is the best defense.

Capricorn Female Characteristics:

Capricorn women are stable, rigid and reliable. They are loyal and independent women who value hard work over other luck factors. They like to set goals that are harder to reach so that they could know their own potential even when they rarely fail. They take responsibility for every family event in a way exhibiting their love towards them and their traditions. They are great in dealing and leading people because of their motivational talks in professional aspects and their delightful conversations about childhood and culture during family gatherings. As ideal managers, caps are too good at planning and executing that makes them very prominent among their peers.

Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Capricorn Lucky Color: Brown, Black
Capricorn Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22
Capricorn Lucky Stones: Blue Sapphire and Ruby

Advantages of wearing Capricorn lucky stones:

  • Blue Sapphire is the fastest acting stone and it is widely known for showing results instantaneously.
  • It removes the effects of evil eyes and negative karma
  • It improves concentration and removes static behavior thus resulting in moving forwards every time.
  • Ruby stone is predominantly known for its medicinal properties like improving blood circulation and eyesight
  • It triggers self-awareness and improves the quality of inner consciousness thus providing meaning for life.

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