Sagittarius zodiac sign

Driven by curiosity, healthy sense of humor, generosity, open-minded, and constantly striving for changes. Sagittarius is the largest constellation in the Southern Hemisphere and overall 15th largest constellation in the night sky. Sagittarians are always thrilled to experience changes. Curiosity, never-ending thirst to unlock social rules, hungry to unfold mysteries; Sagittarians are steadily moving towards changes that are necessarily required. They are the ones who believe that changes don’t happen magically, instead, they have to be initiated and they don’t mind taking up the role of an initiator in the process. Sagittarius is ruled by the Giant Gas Planet, Jupiter, which is believed to be the ruler of all Gods.

Sagittarius positive traits:

People born under Sagittarius usually tend to be blessed with progression, social enhancement, wealth and good luck in an adequate volume. Traits like justice, non-bias, generosity, open-handedness, humanity, neutrality, along with super amazing aims come under the single roof of Sagittarius. Such individuals firmly believe in the fact that freedom is inevitable and make full use of it to explore new boundaries, extend the horizon, and to widen their perception. Sags make use of all the abundant resources that are right off the shelf. They are intelligent individuals who exhibit kindness as much as they breathe and showcase extraordinary character even during difficult times. Curiosity and Passion fuel their heart and soul to drive them towards being an extrovert with excellent communication skills associated with the ability to discard discrimination in all means that are potential threats to society.

Sagittarius negative traits:

Sags are honest, but to a very large extent that it might hurt others very emotionally. They ought to understand the fact that everything doesn’t have to be said to everyone. Tweaking the truth or burying the truth deep inside them can be beneficial to themselves and to their close acquaintances as letting it out might not seem to be a better idea. As they are persistently looking for changes and evolution, they are bound to be highly impatient. On this process of constant propagation to achieve greater goals and to get onto the top of the game, they promise more than they could deliver which makes them unreliable many times. They are often called as migratory birds as they do not like to stay in one place for a longer period of time.

Sagittarius male characteristics:

Travel and Transformation are the two eyes of Sag men. They understand the value of freedom than others and make full use of it but do not go beyond the sustained limits. Sags are travelers who believe that nature has an answer to every mystery and go after them seeking adventures in all possibilities. They travel extensively in search of finding inner peace and to enlighten their consciousness. Sags are fun-loving people who are continuously looking for new projects, brand new ideas, and fresh content. One can easily point out the curiosity that is filled in the eyes of a Sagittarian man.

Sagittarius female characteristics:

Exciting and Honest women who are always looking up for challenges as they are known to face challenges and obstacles with a brave smile and will power. They are filled with adventurous thoughts and they can’t tie themselves with a chain called stereotype. They are travelers who could wander anywhere either alone or with their loved ones. If asked to pick two most important things in their lives, they would still opt for traveling as both the choices; such is the desire that they have into them. They are extrovert individuals, who could light up anyone with their conversational skills and being open-hearted, they don’t find it tedious to do it so.

Element: Fire
Sagittarius Lucky Color: Blue
Sagittarius Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21
Sagittarius Lucky Day: Thursday
Sagittarius Lucky Stones: Turquoise, Ruby
Ruler: Jupiter

Advantages of wearing Sagittarius lucky stones:

  • Turquoise stone improves overall fitness
  • It further improves blood circulation and reduces Asthma effects
  • Viral infections and toxins are easily eliminated
  • Ruby stone improves eyesight and body metabolismm
  • It also helps in awakening inner consciousness and guides you in the right direction.

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