Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiacal circle immediately following Gemini. Cancer is named after a giant Crab Karkinos that once harassed Hercules on his fight with Hydra. The Legendary Hero crushed it beneath his foot but as a reward for its impeccable service, Goddess Hera placed it among the stars as the constellation Cancer. Cancerians show a humongous amount of dedication, feelings, sympathy to their family members as much as Karkinos did to Hydra. This quality of a Crab makes them a wonderful family person. Crabs live in water bodies which made Cancer a water-based sign.

Cancer Positive Traits:

Cancers are emotional, sensitive, dedicated, and good-natured. Their thoughts and feelings revolve around their family, friends and close acquaintances most of the time. Cancers take great pleasure in serving families and providing comfort to home and friends. Also, they try to dodge or avoid conflicts when it comes in their own way. This irreplaceable quality of Cancers makes them more reliable among family. Cancers know when to make a move and when not to. This special attribute gives them an edge to react appropriately to a situation. Cancers are known for their calm and composed nature that one cannot divert very easily.

Cancer Negative Traits:

Cancers are extremely unpredictable as they don’t open up much easier. Cancers are usually introverts and ambiverts. They don’t necessarily extend the horizon beyond their family and close acquaintances. One has to make a couple of impressions in order to get a Cancerian in his comfort zone. Due to this factor, Cancers are often termed to be rude, arrogant and sometimes even socially misfit. But, all it takes is a crack in the crab’s tough outer shell to get into its soft nature.

Cancer Male Characteristics:

Cancer men are the column of support for the entire family and they do it with so ease that they don’t consider it as a burden but with much dedication and love. Cancers have the “family first” attitude that they don’t mind punching a lion squarely in its face. Cancer men are highly imaginative, deep thinkers, and much more ambitious. Cancers are so inclined to their intuition than others that they often tend to forget about the facts and get stuck with their feelings and thoughts. They sympathize with others and also have the ability to put themselves in others’ shoes to empathize.

Cancer Women Characteristics:

Cancer women are passionate about their work and show one hundred percent dedication towards the goal. They’re overemotional women who find it extremely difficult to let go of people very close to their hearts. People who are even far away can experience Cancer’s love for them. Cancers tend to be successful managers, Entrepreneurs, and business people. Crabs are also known for their eccentric behavior and frequent mood swings which make them odd among their peers.

Cancer Element: Water
Cancer Lucky Color: White
Cancer Lucky Days: Monday, Thursday
Cancer Ruler: Moon
Cancer Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
Cancer Lucky stones: Ruby and Pearl

Advantages of wearing Cancer lucky stone:

  • Ruby stone can harness the power required for an entire lifetime.
  • Pearl stone removes Doshas and negative Karma that brings you down
  • It helps you to live a wealthy, healthy and peaceful life
  • Pearl brings down the positive effects of the moon to your life thereby eradicating ill effects.
  • It helps to increase your social confidence and nullifies eccentric behavior

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