Taurus Moon sign – Rational, Responsible, Stable yet Uncompromising.

Taurus follows immediately after Aries thus placing itself as a second sign in the Zodiacal circle. Aries begins in spring thus paving the way for life to germinate. Taurus continues what Aries has started. Taurus flourishes life. Taurus is represented as a Bull and is termed as “The Bull in front” or “The Legendary Bull of Heaven”. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, compassion, desirability, and crowd-pleasing. All these attributes get compiled under the single roof of Taurus.

Taurus – Positive Traits:

Taurus comes under Earthly sign, which translates them to being grounded, practical, rational and even more inclined to reality focused. Taureans are devoted, responsible and patient as same as a Bull does for agriculture. They are stable and conservative at the same time. This specific aspect tuned Taurus to be one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. They wouldn’t give up very easily on their choices or goals which eventually fuels their endurance to reach greater heights like never before and also don’t mind voicing out for truth no matter how harder the circumstances are. People headed by Taurus are very well acclaimed for their wisdom and loyalty. This constructive trait makes them more stable and reliable than others.

Taurus – Negative Traits:

Stubborn, possessive and uncompromising. Although Taureans are known for their easy-going nature, they are stubborn in their opinions and thoughts. Their patience goes to a very large extent that they eventually become lazy to do any work. Their sense of belongingness translates itself into possessiveness and jealousy. They save little things every day and are very well known for their materialistic obsession. Uncompromising is a word that suits them appropriately as they even refuse to hear a logical conversation if it doesn’t suit them.

Taurus – Male Characteristics:

A Taurean man is aligned with nature and can readily adapt to an ecosystem. He is a calm person who wants to lead a simplistic and calm life. He’s not necessarily bound to any restrictions in terms of thinking and execution hence prefers a multifold perspective in order to reach a conclusion. He has diverse calculations running in his mind before jumping into a realistic decision. He thinks of his future self even if it is a miniature decision in day-to-day life. This makes them more loveable, sensual and practical in real life. They form a rigid base for the family as much as a Bull supports agriculture. He could also be quite jealous and possessive when it comes to a relationship but also when they fall in love, it’s in for life. He would never turn his back on family and work. He has a very great work ethic and is ready to start a family after settling down.

Taurus – Female Characteristics:

A Taurean woman is said to have a rock solid behavior associated with a realistic mindset thus making them as a hard-working, stubborn and a firm person. She is determined to achieve what she has set out for. She doesn’t feel shy to accomplish her materialistic comforts and mental pleasures. She would even go for an extra mile to get her “to-do list” done. She has a keen sense of taste when it comes to food thus turning them out to be a great cook if practiced well. She always thinks about her life and the people surrounding her. She wants everyone around her to lead a prosperous life but being stubborn at her thoughts and not open to changes quite easily.

Benefits of wearing a Taurus Lucky Stone:

  • Emerald is the goddess of the gems thus improving Taureans gain an energizing and restful qualities
  • It gives strength and power to overcome hurdles and hardships during the path of success
  • Improves relationship with everyone especially the most loved ones
  • Turns an individual into an all-rounder performer towards success
  • Propagates your energy and focus towards the right direction where success is most likely to occur.
  • It safeguards your wealth assets enabling abundant growth

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Taurus Lucky Color: Green, Pink

Taurus Lucky Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Taurus Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Taurus Lucky stones: Diamond, Emerald, and Coral

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