Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first moon sign of the zodiac and stands for high energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, pioneering and boldness. They can also be reckless, impulsive, domineering and impatient, and at the same time can be a perfect blend of innocence and insolence because the energies of Moon and Mars come together in this sign. You speak your mind, so can hurt others feelings though it’s not your intention to do so. Your nature is to react quickly to situations in an emotional manner and also get angry easily but must admit that you cool down easily too.

Aries Positive Traits

Bravery, rage, leadership and fertility. You are a storehouse of fierce energy but always have a bit of warmth for people around you. Courage, ambitious, bold and fearlessness are your other qualities. You are destined for frequent travels and job transfers. Being frank and open-minded are your special attributes for which you will be admired by all. The natives of this sign are recognised for their talents and achievements. You know how to motivate others and also being modest is one of your excellent qualities. People with this sign have a warm heart that spreads out to those in need.

Aries Negative Traits

An Aries born can be stubborn at times, likes to execute tasks in his own way, allow the heart to rule over the brain and thus be inflexible. You are prone to blood-related illnesses and fevers. Many are hydrophobic and are sometimes prone to skin diseases. This first sign of the zodiac may earn a bad name among friends because they are not very forthcoming with their likes and dislikes. They love to eat and have few children. Their investments do not pay well because they are bad planners. The Aries is guided by aggressiveness, impulse, persistence, originality in thought and action, impatience and quick temper. They need to control their impulses, restrict overconfidence, and their insufficient forethought due to impulsive nature may lead to downfall. They are also adventurous, intrigue-seeking, flirtatious and impatient.

Aries Male Characteristics

Aries men are aggressive but not arrogant. Solar System’s Red Planet, Mars rules Aries. Ancient Romans correlated the Star-Lord Mars with the Greek God of War who was Ares. An Aries man has his traits derived from God of War’s calibre to improvise, strategize and execute the plan of attack at the most righteous moment. Aries men are usually known for their burning rage or thirst for waging war. These qualities radiate an Aries man as an aggressive & masculine person who is constantly focused on overcoming hurdles as much as defeating an enemy in a battleground.

Aries Women Characteristics

An Aries woman is an epitome of elegance when it comes to personal traits and behaviour. She is stubborn, passionate and determinant in what she thinks is right. Aries women are independent, expressive and radiant in her thoughts. She knows her craft and stands her ground firmly at all time periods. An Aries woman cannot stop herself from voicing out her opinions and facts to other women around her although she shouldn’t be entering into that arena. She believes that everything around her happens for a reason and prioritizes her resources necessarily. She might also consider redirecting her virtues and love in the right direction.

Ruling planet – Mars
Aries lucky colour– Blue, White and Green
Aries Lucky Stone– Coral, Amethyst
Aries Lucky Number – 9, 8 and 6
Aries Lucky days – Tuesday, Saturday and Friday

By following the moral values of Aries, lucky stones and lucky number one can look forward to its inevitable benefits like:

  • Increases financial stability
  • Nullifies bad karma, malefic effects and evil eyes
  • Brings peace and prosperity into your life
  • Eliminates hurdles and obstacles on your path to success
  • Improves physical and mental health values

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