Aquarius zodiac sign:

Innovative, Compassionate, Real, and Independent individuals are grouped under Aquarius sign. Aquarius constellation is located in the southern hemisphere and it is the 10th largest constellation in the sky. In Latin, Aquarius is called as “water-bearer” or “cup-bearer” as it is depicted by a man pouring water from an Amphora. Aquarius are communicative yet highly sensitive and they require some time and steady pace to build a rapport. They are often termed as mysterious because of their eccentric behavior and their paradoxical thoughts.

Aquarius positive traits:

They think a lot about themselves and are often non-judgmental on societal norms and conflicts. They believe that every story has two sides and would analyze both sides to end with a concrete conclusion. They simply don’t judge a book just by its cover. They are open-minded individuals who are ready to accept information and new ideas whenever they are up to meet new people. They rigorously follow the idea of “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything” because they are so bad at lying. Aquarius individuals are highly self-reliant and independent as they are often hungry and curious to step into the real world and get the work done rather relying on external sources to support them.

Aquarius negative traits:

Although Aquarians are compassionate individuals, they have a seriously surprising angry side that they rarely project, but when they do, it’s a big bang. Aquarians tend to over think about themselves way more than they actually should be. This trait doesn’t nurture them in any possible way as it dumps their time and energy into useless thoughts that further increases depression stress and anxiety. Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus which results as shy nature in Aquarians. They are not much expressive as they believe that change must happen within the hearts that they often hesitate to share their problems with others even with close acquaintances because of this. This trait frequently highlights them as cold, insensitive, or even rude and arrogant.

Aquarius male characteristics:

Aquarians show a great inclination towards art. In fact, they love to be hit by music. Music is their own flesh and bone for any Aquarian. Aquarius men are so great and fond of sarcasm that it could take much time to stop them abruptly once they’ve gained the momentum. Aquarius is an air sign, that these men make use of their mind and will power to achieve everything rather relying on others. It is almost as if there is a vampire inside every Aquarian and it unleashes whenever required. They have a great sense of vision as much as prioritizing their needs and plans to achieve small term goals progressively that could help in achieving the long term goal.

Aquarius female characteristics:

Aquarian women show extensive humanity, care, and support for everyone without any bias. They are conventional women with modern thoughts, they are sometimes perceived as rude women although they have a tender heart, they seem to be living a monotonous and mundane lifestyle but deep inside they have a burning desire to achieve something larger-than-life. They are ideal women who are difficult to understand on the first meet as they strongly require a sense of trust to open up great ideas. This trait might label them as rude, not caring or even unpredictable, but they actually do care about others without showcasing in the most convenient way that society has written down, but in their own subtle ways that they firmly believe in.

Element: Air
Ruler: Uranus, Saturn
Lucky Colors: Light-Blue, Silver
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
Lucky Day: Saturday
Lucky Stones: Black Pearl, Opal, and Sapphire

Advantages of wearing Aquarius Lucky Stones:

  • Black Pearl draws out negativities in life and helps to overcome hurdles and obstacles in life
  • It is prominently known for its ability to get an individual out of anxiety and depression
  • Opal stone helps to resolve stomach disorders, digestion, and eyesight problems efficiently.
  • Sapphire stone acts as a protective agent that resists harmful and negative vibrations.

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