Gemini Zodiac Sign


  • Vibrant, vehement, and highly dynamic, Gemini is featured by the Twins, Castor and Pollux, and is known for upholding two varied sides that they exhibit to the world.
  • Gemini compiles super amazing communicators who are readily able to merge into different groups.
  • In addition to this, Gemini also signifies surface traits that make it one of the most emotionally intelligent signs among the zodiacal circle. Legend of Greece has it that, when Castor died, as he was mortal, Pollux pleaded his father Zeus to offer Castor immortality, which he did apparently by unifying the twins together in heaven, thus resulting in Gemini constellation.

Gemini Positive Traits:

Gemini never settle for the best, instead, they keep propagating for the greater good. They would never dwell in the past and doesn’t shy away from throwing past thoughts and unnecessary imagination that pulls them down. Gemini believes that there is light at the end of the tunnel and further creates an aura among peers. They expect opportunities to come in their way and once it does they make sure it is used in the most useful way. Opportunism and Optimism perfectly blend together to form Gemini.

Gemini Negative Traits:

The twin brothers are idealized to be two sides of the same coin. They showcase two-faced & distinctive behavior which contradicts each other’s opinions. Because of their dual behavior and perception, Gemini are occasionally called as a turncoat or a traitor. Even though Gemini is more of truth, a Gemini can’t resist entering into gossiping mode than actually dealing it with the one who is causing a conflict.

Gemini Male Characteristics:

Gemini men are amazing attention grabbers when they’re in a social company. A Gemini can imbibe the room’s minute details which gets deeper as much as a microscopic view and also has the caliber to envision its larger picture as much as a telescopic view. A Gemini knows what he needs. They take calculated risks every time such that the decision is non-regrettable. The twin-brothers step into action whenever multitasking is required thus enabling a Gemini to become a go-to-person whenever people face problems and dilemmas. With a single mind pertaining to dual nature, Gemini rejoices their own company quite a few times.

Gemini Female Characteristics:

Highly adaptive and looking for frequent changes. A Gemini is matured enough to understand the fact that everything happens for a reason and nothing stays forever. Gemini are ready for changes and it makes them gel easily with different groups. A Gemini is very well acquainted to connect the dots to get the final picture and rarely makes an incorrect decision. This attribute makes them as a great problem solver be it personal, societal or professional.

Advantages of wearing Gemini Lucky Stones:

  • Pearlstone brings the power of Planet Mercury to your life thus increasing your potential to grow exponentially.
  • It eradicates the laziness and hypocrisy in one’s life.
  • It removes bad karma and brings negative effects to ground zero.
  • It further removes the idea of a dual mindset which affected your decisions drastically.

Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: Third
Quality: Flexible
Gemini Lucky Color: Yellow
Gemini Lucky Gem Stone: Pearl, Tiger’s Eye & Emerald
Polarity: Positive

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