Who is Goddess Varahi?


Who is Goddess Varahi?

  • Ancient Shumbha-Nishumba myth of the Devi Mahatyam and from deep rich text Markandeya Purana, exhibits that Goddess Martikas (Ashta Durga’s) give the appearance as Feminine Powers Goddess Shakti’s from the bodies of the Gods, which means Goddess Varahi has appeared on earth from the body of Lord Varaha.
  • Goddess Varahi appears as a boar from wields with a weapon Chakra (discus), holds a sword to fight the evils. She is fond of “Matrikas Dance”, which drink the blood of the victims after she battles out demon Raktabija.
  • She appears in Red-skinned Goddess Varahi who rides on a buffalo, holds a sword, shield to incite and provoke the devils, evil spirits and demonic forces pesters to annoy persistently.
  • The Power of Saptamatas is a combined Feminine Energy of 8 Goddesses who are Goddess Brahmi, Goddess Maheshwari, Goddess Kaumari, Goddess Vaishnavi, Goddess Mahendri and Goddess Chamundi.
  • Goddess Varahi is appeared from Lord Vishnu, in a female form of a boar, who is the combined force similar to “Goddess Kamala”, one of the Goddesses of Mahavidyas. Goddess Varahi is revered as “Powerful Commander of forces” in a feminine lead as “Dandini”.

Basic Traits of Goddess Varahi

  • Courage and Strong Representation, wore a ‘Tri-Murti” Cult.
  • She is the wealth of the Universe, conceived with nourishment and motherly attributes
  • Depicts powerful energy of Sapta Matrikas, control Physical and Mental Enemies
  • Sacred Mantras Sadhana, Invokes Protection, Good Health, an absolute women-hood.
  • Worshipped with different names a Celtic Mother Goddess, “Old White Sow”, also her brother is called “Seth”, the black boar
  • Has four hands, two of the hands hold mortar and a plow, the other two holds Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra.
  • She represents energy of Lord Yama, a feminine form of Lord Varaha.
  • She is powerful to quell violence, subjugate enemies, safeguard the continent and boundary for peace
  • Shower bliss and peace to the entire universe, surmounts challenges from neighboring continents, blessings to all for everyone to come up in life.

Benefits of Worshiping Goddess Varahi

  • Relief from troubles and obstacles, Eliminate Evil Eye, bless Life Desires
  • Bless good health, ward-off contagious disease, protects from evil spirits
  • Protects from Accidents, Bless Long life, dispels fear
  • Reverse adversity, rescue from captivity, bless courage and strength
  • Protect Economic losses, bestow abundance of wealth, stability and safety
  • Grants word power, fame, happiness, Remove psychological disorders.
  • Supreme victory over black magic, evils and enemies, bless exalted status


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