Varahi Homam

Goddess Varahi Maha Homam saves mankind and protects all devotees who worship her devotedly. The positive traits of Goddess Varahi treating known and unknown diseases namely, Lust, Anger, Delusion, Pride, Jealous, Envy and brings every aspect of human life under control and improve the quality of life.

Chanting Goddess Varahi moola mantra will energize home and professional life with supremacy eliminates differences of opinion, evil energy, ward-off troubles, evil deeds, black magic, witchcraft.

  • Goddess Varahi appears with the head of an aesthetic boar a female aspect of Lord Vishnu the Varaha seated on the Lotus of wealth, looks very beautiful in her red attire.
  • Her face shining as millions of Sun rays is wearing a diamond necklace, wields with her weapon Chakra (discus) and a sword to fight the evils and protect the universe restoring dharma.
  • It is auspicious to praise Goddess Varahi with 12 auspicious forms namely Sri Panjami, Sri Thandanatha, Sri Sangetha, Sri Sameshwari, Sri Samaya Sangetha, Sri Varahi, Sri Bothrini, Sri Shiva, Sri Varthali, Sri Maha Sena, Sri Anjya chakreshwari, Sri Arigni.

Legacy Of Goddess Varahi

  • Ancient Shumbha-Nishumba myth of the Devi Mahatyam and from deep rich text Markandeya Purana, exhibits that Goddess Martikas (Ashta Durga’s) give appearance as Feminine Powers Goddess Shakti’s from the bodies of the Gods, which means Goddess Varahi has appeared on earth from the body of Lord Varaha.
  • Goddess Varahi appears as a boar form wields with a weapon Chakra (discus), holds a sword to fight the evils. She is fond of “Matrikas Dance”, who drink the blood of the victims after she battles out demon Raktabija. She appears in Red-skinned Goddess Varahi who rides on a buffalo, holds a sword, shield to incite and provoke the devils, evil spirits and demonic forces pesters to annoy persistently.
  • The Power of Saptamatas is a combined Feminine Energy of 8 Goddesses who are Goddess Brahmi, Goddess Maheshwari, Goddess Kaumari, Goddess Vaishnavi, Goddess Mahendri and Goddess Chamundi.
  • Goddess Varahi is appeared from Lord Vishnu, in a female form of a boar, who is the combined force similar to “Goddess Kamala”, one of the Goddesses of Mahavidyas.
  • Goddess Varahi is revered as “Powerful Commander of forces” in a feminine lead as “Dandini”. She is also called as “Panchami”, attributes the feminine energy of “Regeneration of the Universe”.
  • She is accorded with parental status of “Sri-Chakra” in the form of “Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari” destroys evil forces, tactfully control and paralyze enemies, bless devotees with devotion and sincerity, goodwill, mental peace, protect from illness and Accidents, Clears mental stress, bestows stability & sovereignty in life.

Benefits of Performing Varahi Homam

  • Destructive and Protective energy, reward those who look for her kind care
  • She unlocks the wealth of the universe, nourished with motherly attributes
  • She stands firm as powerful energy of Sapta Matrikas, solves professional instability, career enhancement, early promotions and pay-hikes
  • She is an absolute women-hood, takes care of your motherhood, pregnancy
  • She is the mother of law and order, protects the devotee from evil energy, black magic, fault-finding, hate and hatred, conflict of interest, to have a good boss.
  • Make you to become good and able administrator, buy properties, enrich wealth

Jvarasura lord of fever, Saver of None

Jvarasura, the demonic devil with his ferocious aspect start spreading the deadliest disease cholera fever, dysentery infection, red rash fever measles, smallpox viral fever to all the childhood friends of Goddess Katyayani. As there is no end to this devilish attitude, Goddess Katyayani as Shitala Devi appeared with four hands holding a short broomstick, win-grading fan, jar of air-cooling water with a drinking vessel, as Saver of the universe, with her spiritual energy cures the disease of the affected children. Now can you think what would be her situation after this. Do you know what has happened? As there is no other go, she requested her friend Batuk to fight the demon Jvarasura to put a stop to this kind of infectious spread.

Excessively Charming Goddess Varahi, Saver of the Universe

Ancient Shumbha-Nishumba myth of the Devi Mahatyam and from deep rich text Markandeya Purana, exhibits that Goddess Sapta Martikas has given appearances from the body of Lord Varaha in the form of Feminine Power, is one among the powerful energies as

ü  Brahmani (mother Saraswathi) – Worship for personal achievements

ü  Yogeswari (mother Parvati) – Worship to fulfill life desires

ü  Maheswari (mother Raudani) – Worship to put an end to anger, unethical emotions

ü  Kaumari (mother Karttikeyani) – Worship to clear false ideas, wrong belief

ü  Vaishnavi (Sri Lakshmi) – Worship to remove Greed, Jealous, fantasy

ü  Varahi (Durga Devi) – Worship to overcome the strong desire of others property

ü  Indrani (Energy of Indra) – Worship to overcome fault-finding, believe in yourself

ü  Chamunda (Chamundi Devi) – Worship to overcome falsehood, untrue


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