Goddess Varahi

Sri Varahi Homam – To Eradicate Evil Effects in Life

Sri Varahi Devi is the Consort of goddess Lakshmi of Yajna Varaha Swamy – form of Lord Vishnu. Varahi is Trilokyajanani – The Supreme Female Energy. She is the sign of unceasing force – profound, mental, erudite, physiological and organic. Maha Varahi Mata is Trigunatmika, an epitome of Lakshmi, Vishnu and Siva.

Importance of Sri Varahi Homam

Sri Varahi mata secures all her followers who turn to her for her effortlessness and gifts. She is an amazingly influential Goddess and presents blessings to her devotees those who worshiped her with sincere and devotion.

Benefits of Performing Sri Varahi Homam

  • Sri Varahi Homam is very helpful to eliminate the evil effects in life.
  • By performing Varahi Homam an individual are blessed with bravery and confidence.
  • Help to attain victory over their enemies.
  • Performing Varahi Homam frees from any sorts of diseases and ill effects.
  • Safeguard an individual from accidents.


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