Shatabhisha Nakshatra


Shatabhisha, the Apex of Rahu’s functioning is represented in the Celestial Firmament by Faint group of starts in the heart of the constellation Aquarius.

The brightest star of this Nakshatra is the Gamma-Aquarii. The general location of this asterism can be gauged by its neighboring bring star Alpha-Aquarii.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Doesn’t Hesitate to sacrifice his self-interest to stand by his principles; Creed is Self-Service; Follows Religious rituals strictly; Stubborn; Stands firm to the decision he makes; Very Intelligent; Very Emotional; Not prone to show-off; Very modest.

Professional Life: Face a Torrid time till the age of 34; After 34 he will make steady progress in his profession and business; Suitable for the fields of Astrology; Psychology; Reiki and other healing arts; Literary understanding will be recognized when he is young.

Health: Health will not be as good as it appears to be; Poor Immune level because of which he will catch infections; Often troubled by Urinary infections; Breathing trouble and diabetes.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Very Quiet in Nature; Short-Tempered when provoked; Prefers religious rituals as she is god-fearing; Involved in family quarrels leading to a lack of mental peace; Possesses a good memory; Sympathetic and Generous.

Professional Life: Inclined with Scientific study; Most Female Doctors are born in this Nakshatra.

Compatibility: She loves her husband so much but her life is likely to be full of problems; Likely to be separated from her husband for a long time; She may even become a widow at an early age.

Health: Health is a cause of concern; Suffers from Urinary & Uterus Disorders; Prone to Colic troubles and Chest Pain.

Lucky Stones: Gomedhaka

Advantages of Wearing Gomedhaka

  • It provides professional progress and enhances one’s social and professional life.
  • Helps in healing diseases like Cancer; Varicose Veins; Boils; Leprosy; Clumpsiness.
  • Brings 5 fruits into the life of the wearer: Meditation; Financial Prosperity; Righteous Living; Pleasures of Life & Nirvana.
  • Very beneficial for people pursuing public speaking.
  • Brings Peace and Happiness in Marital Life.
  • Wears to Boost Love, Peace & Harmony.

Remedies for Shatabhisha Nakshatra

  • The people of this nakshatra suffering from something should use the various Healing measures to get rid of these bad effects.
  • Another powerful way is to worship Lord Shiva in any form one is attracted to.
  • Repetition of the root mantra “Om Lam” 108 times when the Moon transits this Nakshatra and in its corresponding Lunar month is sure to reduce sufferings and bring enlightenment to a person’s life.
  • Following Shatabhisha’s favorable directions, colors, numbers, letters and worshipping Serpent deities, the natives can expect significant changes and improvements in the standard of life.

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Shatabhisha Nakshatra Personalities – Secret of success