October Month Prediction 2018

Predictions for Pisces

Relationship in all areas

In this period a religious function can be organized in your home. Due to the influence of aggressive planets, your enemies may try to dominate you. You can also buy some other expensive items for yourself. In the end of this period your expenses may rise due to unforeseen expenditure on some important tasks.


In this period you would be able to achieve success through your hard work. This particular period would be auspicious for you. You may also achieve an authoritative position. If you think everything thoroughly, you may get some good opportunities.


During this period your source of income would be good but make sure you don’t leave any work undone and don’t rush through your jobs because that will affect your earnings. You may have to make some expenses on a family member’s illness. You would get some sorts of profits in the end of this time period. If your money is stuck somewhere then there are chances of recovering it.


In this period you will be witnessing some happy moments in your personal life. Try to avoid late sleeping in night time. This particular habit will affect your health and good news is that you won’t face problems related to your fitness.


Your personal mindset would be positive in this period. Overall, you have to utilize this month in a positive way.


     Utmost care is required in work/career matters. Avoid unnecessary competition.

Remedies to overcome from monthly obstacles

  • Avoid financial transaction on particular Wednesdays as this will make you income suffer and inconsistent.
  • Donate food and clothes to orphanage but remember the donation should be given by you personally.

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