A Road To Happy Life


Astrology tells you about your past, present and future. Astrology is guidance to your path of life. Astrology can guide you to a happy life even at bad times by suggesting remedies. Astrology guides you to a path of happy life if we perform the right remedies for past life sins and present life miseries.


Astrology is a study of the movements of celestial bodies called planets which give information about events and incidents of human affairs and also world events. Indian Vedic Astrology is related to Moon Signs and is more than 5000 years old. Astrology predicts terrestrial events from celestial observations. Many scientists question the validity of astrology and call it a myth not based on facts and experimentation proofs. Hindu astrology is the oldest known to mankind and the most accurate. Hindu astrology originates from India and was given by saints and sages who had divya darshan, which means they could visualize the future accurately with their extraordinary power of intuition and in-depth knowledge. Among the famous sages are Parashara, Jaimini, Bhrigu and Agastya.


Hindu astrology is called Jyotish which means light. Hindu astrology finds place in the four Vedas. Vedas are the religious text of the Hindus. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is the textbook on astrology by Sage Parashara. This book is followed even today by all astrologers in India. Jaimini astrology by Sage Jaimini is also followed by many astrologers. Saravalli by Kalyan Verma is another important contribution towards the divine subject of Astrology. Astrology, as a subject, is taught by many Universities in India. Ancient astrology works were originally written in Sanskrit and later translated in English and many other languages.


Astrology written in palm leaves is known as Nadi Astrology. Nadi astrology has roots from Sages Agathsiyar and Bhrigu. Agathsiyar Nadi is followed in South India, especially near Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamilnadu near Thanjavur. Bhrigu Nadi is followed in North India. Shiva Nadi is also followed by some hereditary Nadi astrologers.


Astrology revolves around the belief, birth and rebirth and   finally moksha of the soul. Our past life karmas rule our present life. Good karmas done in past life will bring wealth, good health and happiness in present life. Bad karmas of past lives will give miseries in present life.

Remedies are the backbone of astrology. You can correct your past life sins by doing remedies in this life by feeding the poor and hungry, feeding crows, cows, fishes and birds. Astrology is a road to happiness, stresses on correct remedies and good karmas in the present life.


Hindu astrology revolves around 9 planets, 27 nakshatras and 12 bhavas in a horoscope. Each bhava tells about a particular aspect of life. The 1st bhava tells about your personality and health, longevity, appearance, complexion, vitality, governs head and face. The 2nd bhava talks about your family life, wealth, jewelry, speech, right eye and throat. The 3rd bhava relates to younger brothers, sisters, courage, intelligence, writing, ornaments, clothes, short journeys, arms, right ear and shoulders. The 4th bhava indicates mother, education, property, vehicles, agricultural lands, domestic happiness, chest, lungs, stomach and elbow joints. The 5th house tells us about progeny, first child, sudden luck, speculation, competitive events, intelligence, love, romance, pleasure, amusements, mantras, belly, heart, liver and spleen. The 6th house speaks about health issues, diseases, enemies, debts, service, uncles, food, subordinates, theft, calamities, kidney and large intestines. The 7th house tells us everything about spouse, partnerships, conjugal happiness, marriage, married life, private parts and glands. The 8th house indicates about diseases, death, longevity, imprisonment, conjugal life, and longevity of marriage, separation and divorce, dowry of wife, scrotum, external genetilia and pelvis. The 9th house indicates luck and fortune, father, religion, foreign travel, publicity, faith, wisdom, power of foresight, providential help, hips and things. The 10th house tells us about profession, status in life, honour, power, authority, occupation, nature of business, activities outside house, worldly activities, moral responsibilities, government favour, joints, bones, knees, hairs and back. The 11th house indicates gains, profits, elder brothers, higher education, second marriage, friends, society, community, fulfillment of wishes and lower part of leg around the ankles. The 12th house shows about losses, expenses, moksha, waste and extravaganza, deception, foreign travels, settlement abroad, secret enemies, charity, insults, disgrace, scandals, bed pleasures, occult, feet, left eye and left ear.

The 9 planets of Hindu astrology are Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. Each planet reveals certain characteristics of human personality and incidents of life.

Sun indicates atma or soul, power, profession, occupation, career, magnanimous, charitable, philanthropy, courage, fierce, fire, fortress, royal, land, cattle, timber, wood, forests, travelling, wandering, mountains, red stone, copper, sky, river, public life, East Direction, pure.

Moon indicates mother, emotions, water, tenderness, coolness, travels, flowers, mind, imagination, feelings, love, romance, idleness, Brahmin caste, pearls, white, winter, Goddess Gouri, fame, public figure, feminine, soft, pleasure, splendor, round face, beauty, strength at night, West Direction, blood purity, vitality, learned, royal, beauty, sparkling, velvet, silk, royal insignia, fish, silver, sugarcane, spleen.

Mars represents strength, vitality, battle, earthquakes, volcanoes, hostility, enmity, wound, anger, fire, controversy, arguments, cruel, axe, sword, spear, archery, trumpet, spade, hatchets, earthen pots, trees, sama veda, wild animals,  forester, village headman, commander of army, martial arts, South Direction, blood, red blood cells, copper, deep red colour, valour, bravery, fearless, combating nature, sports, surgeons, mountaineers, victory in competition, ruthless enemies, tough and rough, born winners, perseverance, generosity and magnanimous. Mercury indicates speech, communication, intelligence, memory, education, mathematics, grammar, accountants, treasury, astrology, vedanta philosophy, mantras, horses, infantry, pilgrimage to holy places, Mahavishnu, maternal uncle and maternal grandfather, tower, dust, garden, North and North West Direction, sudras, eunuchs, calm, peace, tranquil, humour, religious, atharva veda, orators, advocates, lawyers, writers, publishers, editors, journalists, good in recitation of mantras, green colour and emerald.

Jupiter represents brahmin caste, wealth, all comforts, intelligence, logical, education, knowledge, teacher, philosophy, charity, benevolent, treasure, horse, priest, children, grandson, fat in body, liver, phlegm, proficiency in learning, religious duties, gold, honour, prestige, status in society, good nature, dependable friends, guidance, helpful, charity, philanthropy, gentle, happy, impartial, judges, facing North, yellow colour, yellow sapphire, topaz, honey, palatial houses, good will, charisma, proficient in Vedas and worship Lord Shiva.

Venus is cupid, sex, semen, eroticism, sensual, huge money, overflowing finances, luxuries, comforts, vehicles, poetry, indicates wife, marriage, caste is Brahmin, flowers, youth, vigour, passion, creative, poetry, artistic, movies, films, pleasure, scents, pearls, amusement, singing, dancing, swimming, luster, diamond, veena, flute, decoration, ornaments, beauty, women, exotic tourist destinations, white dress, dance, bharat natyam, Goddess Parvati and Lakshmi, Yajur Veda, Vaisya, speculation, gambling, stock market and watery resorts.

Saturn stands for justice, impartial, task master, strict punisher of wrong deeds, horses, elephants, sudras, sweepers, menial workers, garbage, miseries, asses, mules, eunuch, outcast, evil, cruel, crippled, handicapped, worn out, forests, mountains, black colour, ashes, iron, worships Lord Yama, goats, buffaloes, dogs, ugly hair, fear, bad dreams, black magic, blue colour and blue sapphaire, facing west, tamas guna, wandering nature, hunter, longevity, old age, chronic diseases, unrighteous conduct, maid servant.

Rahu represents dragon’s head, Paiteenasa Gothra, deceit, illusion, cheating, fraud, gambling, outcast, stealthy, sly, elusive, immoral, unethical, unscrupulousness, wanderer, tricksters, conman,  impure, false, harsh, sudden surprises, evil, cruel, materialistic, devouring, never satisfied, gives huge income in wrong ways, smuggling, trafficking, breaks rules, knows no barriers, breaks traditions and customs, intriguing, secretive, mysterious, perplexing, old age, pain, suffering, air, wind, phlegm, swelling, bone marrow, incurable disease, forest, serpents, Muslims, Urdu script, Goddess Durga and Varaha, considers Sun and Moon as enemies, amplifies bad qualities of grahas in conjunction or aspect, delays progeny if in 5th house, very strong in Vrishabha and Mithuna and weak in Dhanus and Vrischika, Rahu does not understand emotions and is ruthless by nature and feels uncomfortable in watery signs, Rahu can be beneficial if in trine and kendras and 2nd /11th house, Rahu behaves like Saturn at times, Rahu can generate huge wealth, mostly black money, by breaking and evading government regulations, smugglers and traffickers are influenced by Rahu, mercenaries, gangsters, robbers, thieves, murderers, rapists can be ruled by the bad  influence of Rahu. It is tamasik and Tattva is Vayu or Air.

Ketu is south lunar node, shadow planet, Jaimini Gothra, mysterious celestial body,  supernatural, tamasic, eunuch, the planet of spirituality and moksha, salvation, bathing in holy Ganges, penance, philosophy, wisdom,  power of discrimination, knowledge of self, observing silence, indifference to the world, abstract, delusions, sudden, unforeseen subtle, insight, para intelligence, deities Ganesha, Chandeeka, Bhairava,  knowledge of Brahma, gives prosperity, all kinds of wealth, luck, luxuries, wind, stone, hunter, deer, cock, vulture, dogs,  loss of appetite, hunger, stomach ache, wounds, boils, skin troubles, fearful strange dreams, accidents, fall from heights, injury through water, imprisonment, leprosy, intuition, psychic abilities, pitta, fiery temperament, cats eye, master of healing arts, herbs, tantric, Ketu nakshatras are Ashwini, Moolam, Magham, removes poisonous effect of snake bite, Ketu grants good health, wealth, cattle and all round prosperity, endocrine system, born of low caste, behaves like Mars, chaya graham, imaginary points, dragon’s tail, South West Direction, short , lean stature, intestinal problems, ulcer, gastric problems, secret, mysterious knowledge, magicians, astrologers, doctors, healers, smoky, furious, arrogance, jealous, restless, old people, less malefic than Rahu, supernatural consciousness, divine energy, deep mystical knowledge, freedom from cycle of birth and rebirth.


The backbone of astrology is REMEDIES which are solutions to problems in life. Each planet has a specific remedy and if remedies are followed sincerely, problems will be solved, obstacles will be removed and you can lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Astrology shows the path to a life of happiness.

Remedies For Sun – if Sun is afflicted or weak in the horoscope, donate to blind on Sundays, donate to school of blind children, do the Surya Namaskar along with pranayama and mantras, chant the Aaditya Hridayam, chant the Gayatri mantra, make a visit to Rameswaram on amavasai or pournami days and do all rituals as per customs to appease pitrus, donate wheat to the poor, keep root of bel tree with you or tie in hand with thread, donate almonds to poor, offer water to Sun early in the morning during sun rise, drink water in copper vessel, fast on Sundays, offer red lotus to Lord Ganesha for 21 Sundays, give jaggery to monkeys, give chappathis/rotis of wheat and jaggery to cows, completely avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food, throw copper coins in running river water is lal kitab remedy, give coconuts to temples, feed red coloured cows on Sundays with green fodder, donate ghee, donate to Brahmins, apply red sandal on forehead, donate lentil dal, be generous in giving but do not accept items related to Sun as donation.


Please perform the Dwadasa Aditya Maha Homam and lead a life of peace, prosperity and good health – please see the link for all details


Remedies For Moon

Chanting moola mantra of Moon 108 times daily, offer white flowers to Devi Gauri, feed white cows with green fodder, offer milk to Shiva Lingam, do your duties towards your mother and take her blessings, throw silver coins in running river water, help marry a young girl, donate towards education of a girl child from poor family, wear two faced rudraksha, donate white clothes, dhoti to Brahmins on Monday, distribute kheer on Pournami day, wear pearl necklace, keep vermillion and unbroken rice in shankh at puja place in white cloth, fast on Mondays, use silver glass to drink water, donate to unmarried girls.



Please perform Soma Maha Homam and get peace and prosperity in life – please click the link for all details


Remedies For Mars

Fasting on Tuesdays, throw copper coins in running river water, feed cows without horns with green leafy vegetables, do blood donation, throw 900 grams of red coloured sweets like boondi ladoo in running river water, organize annadanam for the poor on any Tuesday, donate copper utensils to Brahmins on Tuesdays, donate sweets and sugar, feed birds, visit Hanuman Temples on Tuesdays and offer thulasi, beetle leaves and butter, make a visit to Vaideeswaran Temple near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, visit Karthikeya Temple on Tuesdays, Krittikai Nakchatram, Sashti Tithi and offer archana and avishegam, visit to Tiruchendur, Swamimalai and Palani Muruga Temples will do lot of good, do tilak of sindoor on Hanuman on Tuesdays, put a vessel full of water near your head before sleeping and pour this water for plants in the morning, watering plants is like giving food to plants and will solve all your problems, avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol.


Please perform the Mangala Graha Shanthi Homam to overcome difficulties due to afflicted Mars and get peace and prosperity in life – please see the link for all details


Remedies For Jupiter

Donate cash, dhoti, to Brahmins on Thursdays, serving cows and untouchables, do not take, wine, eggs, meat strictly, donate boondi ladoo on Thursdays, tie yellow thread on your right hand, offer archana, abishekam to Dakshinamoorthy on Thursdays, wear gold bangle or gold necklace, wear three faced rudrasha, donate gram dal, yellow wheat to Brahmins on Thursdays, apply kesar on forehead for 21 Thursdays, do rudrabhisekam, for delay in marriage cut banana tree, give gram dal to horses on Thursdays, wear yellow sapphire, offer milk to snakes, donate sweets and fruits, feed cocks, throw coconuts into running river water, donate rice to the poor, water pipal tree, wear copper bangle.


Please perform Jupiter Homam to get peace and prosperity in life – please see the link for all details


Remedies For Mercury

Plan a  trip to Tirumala Tirupati and take blessings of Lord Balaji, offer archana and abhishekam to Mahavishnu in Perumal Temples, fast on Wednesdays, chant Vishnu Sahasranam daily, donate to educate a school child from poor family, donate books to poor children, lal kitab remedies – fill earthen pot with honey and bury in deserted place, place rain water in a container in the roof of the house, plant banana trees in your house, plant money plant in your balcony, wear emerald ring, wear fourteen faced rudraksha, donate green dal and fruits, give green spinach to cows for 50 Wednesdays, throw bronze piece in running river water, donate moong dal, do not keep parrot at home as pet.



Please perform Maha Sudarshana Homam and get success in your profession and all aspects of your life – please click the link for all details


Remedies For Venus

Feed cows with green fodder on Fridays, intake of cow’s urine is good, donate diamond to Tirumala Tirupati, take bath with curd, serving a black cow, donate perfumes and silver articles, plant Tulsi plant on Friday, donate silk, silver, rice, perfumes, milk products, keep plants of white flowers in your house, fast on Fridays, float white flowers in a river, do annadanam on Fridays, offer help to marry off a young girl from a poor family, donate thali during marriage to a girl, help to educate  a girl from a poor family, donate ghee, camphor, sugar and curd every Friday.


Please perform the Venus Homam and get blessings of Venus and bless you with money, income, financial success, vehicles and marriage – please click the link below for all details


Remedies For Saturn

Make a visit to Sani Bhagwan Temple in Tirunallar, take bath in the temple tank, and offer gingelly oil in the archana plate, also visit Sani Temple in Shinganapur, near Pune and do the rituals as per temple custom, also visit Shanidham Temple in New Delhi with the tallest Sani Bhagwan Statue, avoid liquor, meat, eggs, bury surma in the ground, feeding monkeys will give prosperity, offer sweet milk to banyan tree, going barefoot to temples for 43 days, offering milk to snakes, put tilak of milk on forehead, offering sesame rice to crows and cows, pouring milk in well, pouring rum in running river water, food to black dog, feeding black cow, bury a flute filled with sugar in a deserted place, keeping square piece of silver, put rice and almonds in flowing river water, helping handicapped people, visit Hanuman Temples on Saturdays and offer tulasi, beetle leaves and butter, visit Tirumala Tirupati Temple on Saturday and take the blessings for Lord Venkateshwara, visit Kali Temple at Kalighat in Calcutta.


Please perform Mahakali Mahavidya Homam and get peace and prosperity with good health in life – please see the link for all details


Remedies For Rahu

Offering archana, abhishekam to Godess Durga on Tuesday during Rahu Kalam or on Friday during Rahu Hora, visit to Kalahasti near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh on a Saturday and performing the Rahu Ketu puja as per temple tradition during rahu kalam, donate 4 coconuts in a temple every amavasai, add ashoka leaves, sandalwood paste to a bucket of water and take bath in this water, take sandalwood sharbat everyday early morning in empty stomach to get rid of bad effects of Rahu, feed fishes in temple tanks, donate coconuts to people, avoid intake of alcohol, donate wheat, jaggery, copper vessels, throw copper coins in running river water, drop coconuts in running river water, wear silver chain around the neck, keep a silver box with saffron inside, drop 400gms coriander in flowing water, drop  400 grams almonds with flowing water, feed black dogs, keep iron nail in your pocket, keep square piece of silver, keep saunf or aniseeds under your pillow, feed black dogs with chappatis, help blind people, donate 400gms sugar to a temple, drink water in silver glass.


Please perform Rahu Homam to appease and get blessings of Rahu Bhagwan – you will get success, prosperity, peace and good health – please see the link for all details


Remedies For Ketu

Visit Ganapathy Temples regularly and offer archana and abhishekam, visit Uchchi Pillaiyar Temple, Trichy, Tamilnadu, visit 1500 years old Shree Vinayaka Devaru Temple, Idagunji, Karnataka, visit Shree Maha Ganapathi Kshethram, Kottarakkara, Kerala, visit Dodda Ganapathi Temple, Bangalore, Karnataka, visit Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, visit Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Pune, Maharashtra, visit Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra, donate to lepers, wear 9 mukhi rudraksha, donate black mustard oil, serve black cows, offer water to Banyan Tree Roots, chant Shiva Panchakshari Stotrams, chant Ganesh Stotrams, wear cat’s eye, feed jaggery to monkeys, donate black or blue blankets to the poor, put saffron tilak on forehead, put Kusha in bathing tub and take bath.



Please perform Maha Ganapathi Homam to remove all obstacles in your life and to lead a life of success, peace and prosperity – please click the link for complete details