Ashtamurti is a very significant attribute linked with the mighty Lord Shiva. It indicates eight different names of Lord Shiva, which demonstrates his eight super good qualities. Ashtamurti basically refers to eight influential characteristics of the mighty Lord Shiva. Worshipping Ashtamurti is the road to bring fortune and abundance in life. The perfect day to honour Ashtamurti is on Shani Pradoshana day. Although all days are good to get the blessings of Ashtamurti in life, this is the most momentous day.

The components of Ashtamurti includes-


  •  Bhava defines the existence or creation of humanity.

  • Sharva implies the eradicator of darkness and all the evil and demonic forces.

  • Rudra signifies the mighty attribute of Shiva, which absorbs all the pains and sorrows of the devotees.

  • Pashupati denotes the supreme energy which safeguards all beings.

  • Ugra is the unnerving characteristic of the deity Shiva. With this property, Lord Shiva assesses the concrete powers to shred all the negative energies out of the world.

  • Mahadeva portraits the supreme force in the deity world.

  • Bhima demonstrates the massive powers and courage of Lord Shiva to suppress the negative energies.

  • Isana is the mighty ruler who brings enlightenment and wisdom to the human world.

Influence of ancient Vedic texts on Ashtamurti 


Ashtamurti is an integral concept of Vedic texts and writings. The idea of Ashtamurti hails from Lord Rudra, who ultimately took incarnation as mighty Shiva. Vedas and Puranas state that Lord Shiva is the most predominant and powerful deity. He holds numerous titles and traits which define his superiority and influence. Ashtamurti is not just a notion in fact; it is the title that carries eight distinguished names and qualities of Lord Shiva in itself. Shvetashvatara Upanishad is the first-ever text where Rudra’s manifestation as Lord Shiva was put in words. Puranas acknowledges that Rudra immersed himself into Lord Shiva and became an integral component of Trimurti. He then came to be known as the ultimate authority who can finish all the dreadful influences from the world.

The importance of Ashtamurti is elaborately described in the righteous text Bhagavata Purana. The Purana states that all these names were bestowed to mighty Shiva by Lord Brahma, the world’s creator. In Rigveda as well, Ashtamurti discovers considerable prominence and detailed description. Rigveda implies that the ashtamurti forms of mighty Shiva acquire the vital properties of natural elements, including- water, air, fire, food, medicine, Indra, sun and moon.


Kaushitaki Brahmana is an integral part of Rigveda. It represents that the Bhava attribute of Shiva represents water; sharva denotes fire; Mahadeva reflects the sun’s powers; Ugra devata symbolises the vital elements- plants and medicines which are pivotal for human survival; Rudra reflects the sheen and energies of moon and ashani stands for Indra dev.


Ashtamurti defines all the definitive virtues of Lord Shiva. Worshipping Ashtamurti helps devotees in acquiring blessings of eight vital attributes of Lord Shiva. By idolising Ashtamurti, the essential qualities of Lord Shiva can be attracted, and one can live life with utmost peace and prosperity. Bring the boons of happiness, intellect and power in your life by presenting true worship to Ashtamurti.