Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the most beautiful occasions celebrated in India and across the globe. Lord Ganesh was born on Chaturthi Tithi, or the fourth day during the Shukla phase of Bhadrapada month. The festival marks the birth of great Lord Ganesha, son of supreme Lord Shiva and great goddess Parvati.  It is a ten-day festival in which an idol of Lord Ganpati is brought to home and temples, it is worshipped, and on Ganesh Chaturthi, the idol is immersed in water with full-fledged arrangements. The immersion of Lord Ganesha’s idol leads him towards Mount Kailash, the ultimate abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


History of Ganesh Chaturthi 


The great Lord Ganesha was born with only a human face, but he was beheaded by his father, Lord Shiva, during a confrontation. The great goddess Parvati Devi created her second son by applying sandalwood and turmeric paste to her body. She allocated Lord Ganesha to protect her while taking a bath by not allowing anyone to come inside her place. Lord Ganesha bowed his head to her mother and started doing his duty diligently. In the meantime, Lord Shiva came inside and tried to enter the place. But, Lord Ganesha halted his way and instructed Lord Shiva not to go inside. During the argument, Lord Shiva and Ganesha were oblivious that they share a relation of father and son. The argument caught on, and in the rage, Lord Shiva beheaded Ganesha. Afterwards, when Shiva got to know that he had decapitated his son, he was disheartened, and Lord Parvati also went into resentment with Lord Shiva’s action. Later, all the gods and goddesses collected to find the solution to the problem. Then, Lord Brahma guided Shiva and his force to find the head of someone sleeping with the face meeting North direction. Finally, Shiva’s army found the head of an elephant and placed it on Lord Ganesha’s head to bring his life back. After this incident, all the godheads blessed Lord Ganesha with numerous superpowers that he will be forever worshipped first before any God. Lord Shiva also made him the administrator of his troop.

Facts linked with Ganesh Chaturthi. 


Let’s unravel a few facts linked with Ganesh Chaturthi-


The first-ever Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on a mega level took place during the reign of great leader Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The mighty freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak inaugurated Ganesh Chaturthi festivities to protest against the evil Britishers. Alalbaugcha Raja Mandal is the biggest Mandal and oldest association that executes India’s greatest and longest immersion procedure during Ganesh Chaturthi.


Rituals performed on Ganesh Chaturthi. 


Following are the major rituals performed on Ganesh Chaturthi-


  • Devotees observe a dedicated fast on Ganesh Chaturthi to pay love and tribute to the mighty Ganesha.

  • A grand puja of Lord Ganesha is performed by offering powerful Ganesha with a special sweet called modak, fruits, flowers, and a special durva grass.

  • Chanting of hymns and mantras takes place on Ganesh Chaturthi to please the ultimate Lord Ganesha.


Boons of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi  


  • Celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi bring the windfalls of mighty Ganapati in house.

  • Lord Ganesha grants peace and tranquillity to the worshippers and helps them lead their life without worries, pain, and anxiety.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi helps the devotees gain success and prosperity in their new endeavors and existing tasks.

  • Mighty Ganesha blesses the devotees with strength and valour to fight every catastrophe and mishap of their life.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi brings a divine and blissful aura for the devotees. It takes away their sorrows and pain and blesses their lap with happiness and vitality.

  • Lord Ganesha grants his ardent worshippers with boons of wisdom and intellect so that they can lead their life effortlessly.


Ganesh Chaturthi is undoubtedly a very special occasion; it brings warmness and spiritual vibes. This occasion remarks the significance of Lord Ganesha and grants his dedicated devotees a great reason to celebrate the mighty Ganesha. Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi with utmost grandeur and  celebrations and greet the  blessings of Lord Ganesha