Nakshatras or lunar constellations is a broad term for a lunar mansion in the area of Vedic astrology and Indian Astronomy. In nakshatra, ‘naksha’ refers to worship, approach, or adore and ‘tra’ is a suffix in this term. Each Nakshatra is allocated in four categories called Padas or quarters. All the 27 Nakshatras are circulated across the 12 zodiac signs in three points at Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. These nakshatras either cover a person’s entire zodiac sign, or they overlap with certain portions of the zodiac sign. Nakshatra also refers to something which is indestructible and can withstand any hurricane.


Significance of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology  


Nakshatra plays a pivotal role in the astronomical area. The janma nakshatra is explored when babies take birth, and their first names are unveiled via nakshatra study only. Janma Nakshatra is the precise lunar constellation that depicts the placement of the moon when a birth takes place. Vedanga Jyotisha is the first noticeable text which elaborates about all the nakshatras with sheer explicitness. In Sanatana history, the composition of the nakshatras is indicated to Lord Daksha. Twenty-seven nakshatras are the daughters of King Daksha and wives of Lord Moon or Chandra. Twenty-eighth nakshatra, Abhijit nakshatra, is the son of King Daksha. Nakshatras discover extensive mentions in Vedic texts, including- Rig Veda and Yajur Veda, and Atharva Vedas.


List of Nakshatras and their key traits 


Following are the fundamental nakshatras in Vedic astrology-


  • Ashwini- This nakshatra is guided by the supreme Aswini Kumara devata. It is a very swift nakshatra and favours success in new ventures.


  • Bharani- The nakshatra is governed by Yama devata. It is a very luminous and active nakshatra that bestows numerous talents and qualities in a person.


  • Krittika- This versatile nakshatra is guided by Agni devata. It assists people in shedding any harmful activity quickly and grants them exceptional organisation calibre.


  • Rohini- Lord Brahma is the primary devata who rules the nakshatra. People with this star are pretty expressive and brilliant in personality. They can accomplish any task with utmost perfection.

  • Mrigasira- Chandra devata guides this nakshatra. It is a radiant star that greets people with its effect with fortune and profusion.


  • Ardra- The star is governed by Rudra devata. People with this star are very sharp and curious. The nakshatra is blessed with the divine aura of Lord Shiva’s blessings.


  • Punarvasu- It is the brightest star among all nakshatra and is ruled by Aditi shakti. Mighty Lord Rama was also born under its influence.


  • Pusya- Brihaspati is the mighty devata who rules the nakshatra. Powerful goddess Lakshmi was born with this star’s effect. People with this nakshatra’s influence are blessed with prosperity, accomplishment, and nurturing nature.


  • Ashlesha- Lord Sarpadeva primarily guides this nakshatra. It is a very favourable star that grants cordial nature and excellent leadership qualities.

  • Magha- Pitri is the mighty devata who safeguards Magha nakshatra. People with this star’s effect have incredible social impact and possess a compassionate nature.


  • Poorva Phalguni- The nakshatra is guided by Bhaga devata. This nakshatra blesses people born under its significance with a kind, empathetic and devout nature.


  • Uttara Phalguni- The nakshatra comes under the governance of Lord Aryama. It grants qualities such as impressive personality, morality, and admiring temperament.


  • Hasta- The star is ruled by Savitur devata. The nakshatra gives people boons of wisdom, a good attitude, and the strength to tackle any catastrophic situation.


  • Chitra- The star is guided by Tvashta devata. It awards impeccable characteristics such as attainment, brightness, and power to accomplish any task with precision.


  • Swathi- The star is guided by Vayu devata. It greets people with impeccable traits such as compassion, a loving attitude, and strong public impact.


  • Vishaka- The star is under the administration of Lord Indragni. The star grants a cheerful personality, vibrant nature, and sheer will to accomplish any task.


  • Anuradha- Mitra is the primary devata who governs this nakshatra. It grants outstanding attributes such as generous nature, tolerance, and a humane personality.


  • Jyeshtha- Indra is the mighty devata who regulates this star. People under this star amasses concrete will to accomplish any responsibility. They have incredible intuitive and assertion powers.


  • Moola- Nirriti is the devata who safeguards this star. The people with this star have tranquil nature, and they are incredibly self-disciplined.


  • Poorva Ashada- Jala is the devata who administers this nakshatra. The star blesses people with sovereignty, prosperity, good looks, and abundance.


  • Uttar Ashada- Vishwadeva is the mighty Lord who rules the nakshatra. People with this star acquire a modest and calm nature. They can combat any storm with utmost stability.


  • Sravana- Vishnu is the mighty Lord who rules the star. This nakshatra blesses people with excellent characteristics, including honesty, courage, and inclination towards spiritual aura.


  • Dhanishta- Ashta Vasu is the mighty devata who legislates the star. The nakshatra empowers with a kind, jubilant and warm nature.


  • Shatabhisha- Varuna is the mighty Lord who rules this star. It grants an ambitious spirit and determined attitude to accomplish any endeavour.


  • Poorva Bhadrapada- Ajaikapad is the great devata who rules the star. The nakshatra empowers people with high intellect and business calibre.


  • Uttara Bhadrapada- The star comes under the administration of Ahirbudhanya devata. People with this star have sociable abilities and hospitable nature.


  • Revathi- The nakshatra is ruled by Pooshan devata. It blesses people with kind nature, persistence, and indomitable will to accomplish anything with ultimate perfection.


  • Abhijit- The nakshatra comes under the governance of Lord Brahma. The star empowers with great vision and attitude to accomplish wonders.

These are the prominent nakshatras in the Vedic astronomy realm. They guide and regulates the essential parameters of a person’s life. Knowing about one’s star and worshipping the linked devata is the crucial way to reap the positive benefits of the nakshatra.