Ashta Matrikas are an influential part of our rich Vedic culture. Ashta Matrika refers to the group of eight great goddesses depicted together. Ashta Matrikas are eight warrior goddesses who have established a place in Devi Mahatmyam. It is a prominent religious text that celebrates the battle of the eight goddesses with sinful devils. The great Puranas define Ashta Matrikas as deities of war, progeny, and emancipation.

Significance of Ashta Matrikas 

Once a monster called Andhakasur started troubling deities and ordinary people.  He became wicked after absorption of enormous powers of being mortal by Lord Brahma- the creator of the Universe. All the godheads were troubled by his actions, so they went to mighty Lord Brahma to help demolish Andhakasur. Lord Brahma guided deities towards supreme Shiva to kill Andhakasur. Lord Shiva agreed, and he engaged in a violent war with the demon. Shiva attacked Andhakasur with his trident that led to a falling gush of Andhakasur’s blood. But, from every drop of blood, a new Andhakasur appeared and that infuriated mighty Shiva to great extents. He started emitting flames from his mouth, which led to the formation of the goddess Yogishwari. Seven other goddesses manifested from other gods that ultimately gave birth to Ashta Matrikas.

Following is a brief description of eight dominant goddesses or Ashta Matrikas.

Brahmi- Goddess Brahmi is an aspect of Saraswati and is depicted as the shakti of the world creator god Brahma. The great Brahmi is the spouse of the mighty creator Brahma. She is bright yellow in colour and has four hands. She wears a basket-shaped glorious crown called karanda mukuta and is seated on a goose. The great goddess is loaded with jewellery and is known to radiate optimistic vibes.

Vaishnavi- Mighty Vaishnavi is a significant part of Ashta Matrikas and is known to be the wife of Lord Vishnu. The incredible goddess sits on Garuda or eagle man. She possesses six arms and carries a beautiful cylindrical crown called kirita mukuta.

Maheshwari- The great Maheshwari is the wife of the supreme godhead, Shiva. She is known by the names Raudri, Shivani, Rudrani, and Maheshi. Like mighty Shiva, she has three eyes and carries a trishula, damaru, and akshamala. The great goddess is pure white and adorns a crescent moon and the jaṭā mukuṭa or crown on her head.

Aindri-  Aindri or Indrani is the wife of Indra, who is also known as the Lord of Heaven. She uses an elephant as her vehicle, and she uses a Vajra, also called a thunderbolt, noose, goad, as her weapons. She is the queen of Devas. Indrani is one of the principal goddesses in Shaktism.

Kaumari- Kaumari is the wife of Kumara, who is known as the God of War. She uses a peacock as her vehicle and holds an axe, spear and bow as a weapon. It’s mentioned in ancient scriptures that she has twelve heads on which she wears a cylindrical crown.

Varahi-  Varahi is the wife of Varaha, who is one of the forms of Vishnu. Varahi uses a Danda, plough, a Vajra, and a goad as her weapons, and she wears several ornaments and a crown.

Chamunda- The great goddess Chamunda is also known as Yami as she is the wife of powerful Lord Yama. She appears black, wearing a garland and other ornaments. She uses a trishula, sword, and panapatra as her weapons, and she also holds a Damaru in one of her hands. According to ancient scriptures, she uses a Jackal as her vehicle, and she has three eyes and a terrific face.

Narasimhi-  Narasimhi is one of the Hindu goddesses and the wife of Narasimha; she has the body of a female which reflects the unity of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi.

Ashta Matrikas are the most potent group of goddesses. They carried great powers and the impeccable power to finish the bad from society. By adoring and worshipping them, devotees can bring happiness and prosperity to their lives. The holiest and auspicious day to honour Ashta Matrikas is the Ashtami. Worship Ashta Matrikas with ultimate commitment and get great boons in your lives.