Ganesha Jayanthi

A Day When the Lord Is 1000 Times Active than All Other Days

Ganesha – The Lord Of Beginnings

He’s loved and worshipped by all and has the power to remove obstacles. He’s none but Lord Ganesha, the Lord Of Beginnings. He is therefore worshipped before the start of any new venture and devotees can be sure of getting his blessings.

There are no dearth of events to sing peons and glory of this great deity. While Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the major events celebrated all over the world, Ganesh Jayanthi marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. Usually celebrated in the Tamil month of Thai or Magha (January-February) on the fourth day of Shukla Paksha, Ganesha Jayanthi is significant for all worshippers of lord. It is said that His frequencies reach the earth for the first time and all pujas and ceremonies conducted on this day will be accepted whole heartedly. The day is also called as Maghi Ganesh Jayanthi as it falls in the month of Magha.

A Day To Achieve Fame And Prosperity

Devotees prepare themselves for the day by taking bath early and preparing special dishes for naivedya made of til or sesame, mainly. Therefore, this day is also referred to as Til Kund Chaturthi or Tila Kunda Chavithi. A small idol made of turmeric, usually cone shaped, is prepared symbolising the lord and puja is performed with great reverence by chanting powerful mantras. The idol is later immersed in water on the fourth day after the festival. A fast on this day helps achieve fame, wisdom and prosperity in life.

A Tithi or lunar phase of Magha Shukla Chathurthi is celebrated as Ganesh Jayanthi. Lord Ganesha is one thousand times more active on this day when compared to other days.

A beautiful episode from the Ganesha Purana reveals thus. The bravest warrior of Vedic times Lord Ganesh named Vinayak was born during the first quarter of Maagh Maas during Shukla Paksha Chathurthi Thithi. To protect mankind from powerful enemies Ganesha was born to Sage Kashyap and Godmother Aditi. He was named Mahotkat and his thread ceremony was performed at the age of five.

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Master of Wisdom & A Great Warrior

The King of Gods Indra presented him with a mighty ankush and named him Vinayak. He acquired knowledge of the Vedas from his father Sage Kashyap, knowledge of Ayurveda from Sage Ashwini Kumar, archery, arts and science of war by visiting 21 kingdoms of Aryavarta and learning from the teachers there.

The people of Kashi were constantly harassed and attacked by Durasad, son of demon king Bhasmasur’s son. They pleaded with Vinayak to get rid of the nuisance.  Though he defeated him in battle, Vinayak spared him and made him the guard of the holy land.

The Rank and Order of the Ganas

This great warrior Vinayak always maintained a strict discipline and order of the armed forces having 21 groups or ganas. For every ganas he appointed a chief called Ganapati. These 21 Ganapatis had a chief called Ganesh and every 21 Ganeshs’ chief was called Gana Nayak and for every 21 Gana Nayak’s their top leader was Gana Nath.

Mahotkat united the Bhutgana aborigines, developed and constructed modern weapons. He also trained women to become warriors and appointed Riddhi and Siddhi as their leaders. This Mahorkat-Vinayak incarnation of Ganesha is remembered on Ganesha Jayanthi for not only being a master of wisdom but also for his relentless efforts in saving mankind from harm and ill fortunes.

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