Varahi Homam


Goddess Varahi – Commander of Shakti’s Army that Condemns Evil & Grants Miracle Boons

  • Goddess Varahi, consort of Lord Varaha, is also one among the sapta matrikas or divine mothers, powerful aspects of Shakti.
  • She has the appearance of a boar and destroys evil in all forms. Since she’s the fifth of the matrikas she is also known as ‘Panchami’.
  • She’s the commander of the army of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari and is considered an epitome of ‘Gnana’ or knowledge.
  • Invoking Goddess Varahi on the propitious day of Pournami bestows the power of wealth, negates your troubles, helps gain victory over enemies, bestows courage, confidence, allays bad karma, and protects from wickedness.
  • Goddess Varahi depicts as the mother of earth energy showing different postures as, standing, seated or art dancing with a focused mind who adore a bowl-shaped crown possess various attributes of Lord Vishnu:
  • Energy of creations
  • Energy of protection
  • Energy of life taker
  • Energy to preserve good over evil
  • Energy of subordinate position goddess of all people
  • Energy of Shield and Protection from Evil spirits, black-magic, bad spells
  • Energy of all prosperity who sits on the treasure of all wealth
  • Energy of womb holding all the three worlds

Varahi Homam – Obtain Powerful Protection Against All Forms of Enemies & Wicked Forces

  • Goddess Varahi is accorded the parental status on Sri Chakra and she is a warrior who fights all evil. She paralyses the enemy and all wicked forces or evil spirits.
  • She grants wealth boons, fame & good-will and also ensures that you achieve exalted status in society. All types of black magic, evil eye and negativity can be destroyed by invoking her. She protects from accidents, diseases and life-threatening situations, dispels fear, increases courage and confidence.

Benefits of Performing Varahi Homam

  • Paralyze all forms of the enemy, remove wicked forces/ evil spirits.
  • Get miracle wealth boons from the warrior goddess.
  • Attain knowledge, confidence, and courage.
  • Stay protected from untoward incidents like accidents, ill-health, and life threats.
  • She blesses you with fame and goodwill so that you can boost your status in society.


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