Virgo Zodiac Sign: 

Rational, Warm-hearted and well grounded in nature, Virgo is the sixth sign in the Zodiac ring and it falls in between Leo and Libra. Virgo is the largest constellation in the zodiac and the second-largest constellation in the night sky. Virgoans or Virgins are highly notable for their kindness, loyalty, loving nature, and Earthly attributes. Virgo is a sign that is symbolized by a woman as they richly possess mother-like qualities. Virgoans are also appreciated for their cheerful behavior and keen attention to details.

Virgo Positive Traits:

Perfectionist, Result-oriented, Quality focused Observant, and Intelligent. Virgoans are naturally gifted people who are sensitive to minute changes which makes them more attentive to external sources and influences. These are the people with a microscopic view who could view a problem or a situation in its negligible form to get an in-depth analysis and come to a concrete conclusion, while many don’t. People do not have to educate a Virgoan to spread love and peace as they have a pearl of predominant built-in wisdom to treat everyone with love and respect as much as the Earth does to everyone. They are strong enough to hide their negative emotions that could potentially affect others.

Virgo Negative Traits:

Shy, Regretful, and Inexpressive. As much as Virgins are appreciated for their in-depth analyzing quality, it also pulls them down in another end as it is a time-consuming process for taking up calculated risks. They are prone to external opinions which make them very critical and inconsistent in their own decisions. They do not stand by their opinions as they frequently fluctuate between others’ ideas and inner consciousness. Simply, it is a constant never-ending battle between external forces and inner voices. They are easily displeased with their own work that eventually makes them disappointed.

 Virgo Male Characteristics:

Virgoan men are a perfect blend of strength and shyness. They are strong people who hesitate to emote their negative emotions and are so shy to even voice out their opinions in a fairly newer social circle. Virgins have mastered the craft of perceiving minute aspects and random mundane pieces of stuff. They are an absolute delight to have in the workplace as they possess organizational skills and also live an orchestrated lifestyle. Take a Virgoan to a place where you’re so familiar with, while he is not; he will still pull the best out of his ability to point out tiny details of the place that you aren’t even aware of. They’re loyal and passionate men who show one hundred percent commitment towards their work and stay loyal to others.  Although they are recognized as caretakers, loving persons, peaceful brothers, they also do have an intensive side, a burning rage that many haven’t witnessed yet. These are the men who are fond of animals and would like to spend time with nature.

Virgoan Women Characteristics:

Virgoan women are filled with thoughtfulness and are deeply connected with the emotional roots of the family. They take pride in their responsibilities, the work they do, and the results they provide. Virgins are cheerful persons who bring meaning and life to a family under trauma through their Motherly attributes and Earthly character. They further propagate down the line to become an epitome of elegance as they give valuable bits of advice and life-changing career decisions. They are highly ambitious women who keep sailing towards the greater good in the journey of life. They are a go-to-person when it comes to any difficult situations and complex problems as they are known for their analytical skills and logical ability that helps to desiccate the problem in tiny fragments to have an even more specific view.

Element: Earth

Virgo Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Virgo Lucky Colors: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Virgo Lucky stones: Peridot and Sapphire

Ruler: Mercury

Advantages of wearing Virgo lucky stones:

  • It brings a balance between emotions and external forces.
  • It stabilizes your physical and mental growth as a whole to nurture you
  • Sapphire stone brings you abundant wealth prospects even during the Sade Sati period.
  • It removes evil eye effects and improves concentration abilities.
  • It has a direct impact on financial uplift and wealth accumulation.

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