What is Aadi:

Aadi is a Tamil month that falls between Mid July to Mid August as per the Gregorian Calendar. Although Aadi marks itself as a very prominent month, the significant days are Aadi Velli (Fridays), Aadi Chevvai (Tuesdays), Aadi Amavasya (New moon day), Aadi Pournami (Full moon day) and the most remarkably auspicious Aadi Perukku. It is also called as Padinettam Perukku as it falls on the 18th day of Aadi. This year Aadi Perukku falls on 3rd August ’19.

Aadi Perukku:

Aadi Perukku is the most valuable day for the farmers in the Delta region to prepare Paddy seedlings. Delta is nature’s gift to farmers as it forms the highly sustainable environment for agricultural practices (Cauvery Delta, a region of Tamil Nadu in South India where many streams intersect to form huge sediments).  Since Aadi brings the Monsoon season along with it, which eventually raises the water level in lakes & rivers it was coined as Aadi Perukku; Perukku - multiplication/increment (of water content & rejoice). This ceremony extensively glorifies the necessities & essentials of Water in one’s life.

Aadi Perukku – Celebrating Water & Women:

Woman to a family is no different from what Water is to Earth. Our Ancestors have always personified Water as a Woman as they possess life-sustaining values to Nature and Human life. Women usually take a dip in the river and perform Aadi Perukku Pooja along the riverside. Aadi Perukku Pooja includes water rituals with special lamps made with rice flour placed over mango leaves in the river. Women also perform Sumangali Puja and offer new Mangal Sutras (sacred thread) to other married women. Women & Water are tightly interlocked with Prosperity & Prolificacy so this day stands out as the best time to perform Puja and Homam to Goddess Lakshmi.

Aadi Perukku Pooja:

  • People worship Varuna Bhagavan and Goddess Lakshmi for adequate rain and fertility.
  • People offer special prayers and poojas at the temples and for a good harvest, constant supply of water along with a trouble-free monsoon
  • Offering rituals on this day bestow wealth and prosperity and multiply the benefits altogether.