Lakshmi Jayanthi

  • Goddess Lakshmi birth commemoration falls on a promising Phalguni Purnima day, the goddess of riches, success and fortune. She is accepted to be brought into the world under the heavenly gifts of Lord Vishnu who has developed from the Great Milky Ocean while stirring the awesome vitality broadly known “Samudra Manthan”.
  • The word Lakshmi originates from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” which means objective or point. She likewise offers material and profound development. She shields her aficionados from hopelessness and cash emergency.
  • As indicated by Vishnu Purana, Goddess Lakshmi is the little girl of Bhrigu and Khyaati.
  • She left Swarga and made ksheera Sagara her home because of the scourge of sage Durvasa. She is the sister of Lord Sukracharya just as Lord Chandra.
  • At the point when the Devas and Daanavaas stirred the kshira Sagara (sea of milk), Chandra and Lakshmi were resulting from the ocean.
  • Goddess Lakshmi is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu’s profound female vitality, as Adi Param Prakriti, which enables and takes the enthusiasts to the higher rise of otherworldliness.
  • She is the goddess of excellence. She has a brilliant appearance with wavy and long hair, spoke to as giving satisfaction. Her red or brilliant ensemble, decorations loaded with gold with a brilliant ruby-studded crown symbolizes satisfaction.
  • Her correct hand is in Abhay mudra and Gyan mudra delineating force and insight. She holds a pot of gold and paddy parcel in her left hand which delineates her as a bestower of riches and flourishing.

How  To Perform Lakshmi Jayanthi:

  • Tuesday and Friday are propitious days for the dedication of Goddess Lakshmi. The symbol of Goddess Lakshmi is set on the special raised area and the four wicks Deepak is lit. Conch are additionally put above it.
  • The abhisheka of Lakshmi Maa is finished utilizing Roli and Chawal. Blossoms and wreaths are offered to the icon, and the Aarti is performed to adulate Goddess Lakshmi. The desserts are offered as the bhog of Goddess Lakshmi, and after the petitions, it is circulated among all the fans.
  • Enthusiasts adore Goddess Lakshmi with the assistance of Goddess Lakshmi Yantras to get favors from Goddess Lakshmi and furthermore lovers reciting Goddess Lakshmi Mantras on Lotus Seed Mala.
  • On this day Devotees wear seven mukhi Rudraksha dots which is administered by Goddess Lakshmi . Wearing this rudraksha dots on this day fans get filter our heart ,reinforces our self control and pulls in money related chances. Performing MahaLakshmi puja is strongly prescribed on this day. Aficionados were reciting multiple times the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi by pondering empowered Goddess Lakshmi Yantras.

Significance of Lakshmi Jayanthi:

  • Aficionados accomplish the favors of Lakshmi Devi by venerating her with dedication. Goddess Lakshmi is satisfied by the mantras or the yantras followed by ceremonies and contributions.
  • On the off chance that Goddess Lakshmi gets satisfied, at that point all the wants of the enthusiasts are satisfied. The powerful strategies, profound information, psychological harmony, and otherworldly harmony are likewise given by Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Lakshmi puja is considered incredible. Goddess Lakshmi gives help from the budgetary emergency. This puja gets the achievement of all the parts of life. Enthusiasts ought to play out this puja to avoid the issue of cash in their life.

Benefits Of Performing Ashta Lakshmi Homam on Lakshmi Jayanthi:

Purify our heart and soul.

Bless with all comforts.

Bless with Stable monetary condition and self discipline.

Favor with great education and Knowledge.

Bless with triumph, courageous and fearlessness throughout everyday life.


Ashta Lakshmi Moola Mantra Japa 108 chants


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