Bagalamukhi Homam 

Bagalamukhi Homam

  • Goddess Bagalamukhi or Bagala was once called Valga which later became Vagla, then finally “Bagla”, is the eight form, out of ten Mahavidyas, a tantric deity, known as “Pitambari Maa”, is the goddess of wisdom. Goddess Bagalamukhi the controller of the universe using cosmic energy loves everyone.
  • Goddess Bagalamukhi presides in charming through the sunbeam of purity and prosperity,  in yellow attire, represents the sun god gracefully, blessed with the strong determination of Lord Vishnu.
  • She is also called as “Devi of Stambhana”, one who controls and paralyzes the enemies.
  • Once a great storm was disturbing the universe and was destroying all the creations. Lord Vishnu found disturbed and performed severe penance to appease Goddess Tripurasundari on the shores of Turmeric Lake, “Haridra Sarovar”.
  • All Gods and Devas assembled in the Saurashtra region and prayed. Goddess Tripura- Sundari got appeased with Lord Vishnu’s austerities and prayers of others, given rising from the lake her manifestation in the form “Goddess Balagmukhi”, to calm the storm and restore Dharma and benefit for life, a development which gives rise to growth, augments increasing trend.

Importance of Devi Bagala Mukhi Homam

It is said that Offering of Puja and homam to Devi Bagala Mukhi acts like a weapon to prevent your foe from doing mischief against you. It is additionally accepted that by offering Puja and Homa to Maa Bagalamukhi some individual can get help from lawful issues; he/she can dispose of being the casualty of unfriendly occurrences; can evade the likelihood of mischance’s, gore, and even an expected unnatural Death.

Benefits of Performing Bagalamukhi Homam

  • Achievement in claims and rivalries and mollify squabbles further bolstering the admirer’s good fortune.
  • Performing BagalaMukhi Homam helps individuals to force, triumph and predominance over foes
  • Allows greater efficiency and subjugates procrastination
  • Fetches auspicious rewards and alleviates karmic influences
  • Purify yourself to prevent diseases and infectious germs.
  • Stay blessed and protected from evil forces
  • Develop a strong family relationship, alleviate sins, karmas, and doshas
  • Prevent disasters, thefts, and drought, and achieve success
  • Attain salvation, enrich wisdom and knowledge


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