Sri Viriviri Ganapathi is a rare representation of Lord Ganesh. This form is distinct because he has ten hands. In one of these hands, he holds a pot filled with shiny jewels. Another hand carries his broken tusk, a symbol of sacrifice. One of his hands grasps a sharp arrow. A beautiful lotus is also held in another hand, representing purity. A noose, which he uses to remove obstacles, is found in one of his hands.

The mighty Lord Sri Viriviri Ganapathi carries a sacred rosary in one hand, symbolizing prayer and meditation. In another hand, he wields a discus, a weapon of righteousness. A bow, representing his might, is held firmly in another hand. His strong grip on a mace symbolizes his power and authority. On one more hand, he holds a fruit, which signifies the rewards of diligent spiritual practice.

This form of Lord Ganesh has three eyes representing the sun, moon, and fire. An interesting feature of Sri Viriviri Ganapathi is that he is depicted sitting with his consort, his divine partner, comfortably settled on his lap. It shows his nurturing and protective nature.

The following mantra is shouted in unison to attain the blessings of the mighty Lord Sri Viriviri Ganapati-

“Om Gam Ganpatye Namo Namaha, Shree Siddhi Vinayak Namo Namaha, Asta Vinayak Namo Namaha, Ganapati Bappa Morya “

Significance of Viriviri Ganapathi Homam

The Viriviri Ganapati Homam holds great significance in Vedic rituals. Firstly, it’s an avenue to seek the divine blessings of Lord Ganesh in his Viriviri form, particularly to achieve materialistic abundance and spiritual growth. The fire ritual symbolizes the burning away of impurities, negativities, and obstacles from one’s life. By dedicating oneself to this Homam, devotees embark on a spiritual journey, deepening their spiritual connection and manifesting the divine qualities of Lord Ganapati in their lives.

The first step in Homam is Anujnaa, in which we take approvals from mighty Lord Sri Viriviri Ganapati, elders, and rishis to perform Homam. Then, Aachamanam takes place, and Sri Viriviri Ganapati puja proceeds. The next Homam steps include Pranayama. Then, Sankalpa is taken to invoke the motive of puja. Afterward, Kalasa Suddhi and Agni pratishthapana, or fire installation, occur. Prayers to Agni are devoted. Prana pratishtapana is the next step. Then, the Sri Viriviri Ganapati Mool mantra is chanted 108 times. Uttarangaam and poornahuti are performed. Meditation is performed in the glory of God. Udvaasana is the last step to culminate Homam.

Boons of Viriviri Ganapathi Homam

Viriviri Ganapathi Homam is a sacred fire ritual dedicated to Sri Viriviri Ganapathi. Performing this Homam bestows several blessings upon the devotees. One of the primary benefits of this Homam is the attraction of wealth and prosperity. As Viriviri Ganapathi holds a pot of jewels, devotees who perform this ritual are blessed with financial stability and abundance. Their materialistic needs are taken care of, and they often find themselves on a path of increasing prosperity.

Just as Lord Ganesh is renowned as the remover of obstacles, the Viriviri Ganapathi Homam also aids in clearing hindrances from one’s path. Whether these are obstacles in one’s personal, professional, or spiritual journey, performing this Homam ensures a smoother path toward one’s goals.

The presence of the sacred rosary in Viriviri Ganapathi’s hand signifies spiritual growth and meditation. Devotees undertaking this Homam find themselves closer to spiritual enlightenment and experience a deep sense of inner peace and connectivity with the divine. The ritual aids in enhancing one’s spiritual practices and understanding of the universe.

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