About mighty goddess Bhagamalini Nitya

The Bhagamalini Nitya is a powerful goddess who is said to be able to grant boons and fulfill desires. She is also said to be able to protect her devotees from harm and negativity. Bhagamalini Nitya is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with four arms. In her hands, she holds a lotus flower, a rosary, a water pot, and a trident. She is often shown standing on a lotus flower or riding on a lion. Bhagamalini Nitya is also known as the “goddess of bliss”.

Historical legend of goddess Bhagamalini Nitya

The historical story of the goddess Bhagamalini Nitya is a fascinating one. She is said to have been born from a lotus flower that emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu. She is also known as the ‘destroyer of ignorance and is associated with the concept of time.

Bhagamalini Nitya is often depicted holding a lotus flower and a staff, and her four hands represent the four directions. She is also said to be the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. As the goddess of time, she is responsible for the cyclical nature of life and death. Bhagamalini Nitya is a popular deity in Hinduism and is worshipped by many devotees.

Significance of Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

Bhagamalini Nitya homam is a highly auspicious and beneficial Vedic ritual performed for the divine mother Bhagamalini. It is performed to appease the goddess and seek her blessings. The homam involves the chanting of mantras and the offering of various offerings and oblations into the sacrificial fire. It is said that the performance of this homam bestows immense blessings upon the devotees and helps them to overcome all difficulties and problems in life. The homam is performed using special offerings of ghee, milk, honey, and fruits, which are used to fuel the sacrificial fire. The powerful flames of the fire are believed to purify the mind and body of the devotees and infuse them with the divine grace of the goddess.

Boons of  Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

The Bhagamalini Nitya Homam is special and very beneficial for those who perform it, as it helps to purify the mind and body and attain spiritual enlightenment. The boons of Bhagamalini Nitya Homam are manifold. This sacred fire ritual is performed to propitiate the goddess Bhagamalini, who is believed to bestow upon her devotees the blessings of good health, wealth, and prosperity. The homam is also said to ward off negative energies and evil forces and to protect the devotees from harm.

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