About mighty Lord Marthanda Bhairava 

Lord Marthanda Bhairava is a supreme incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is one of the prominent Bhairava avatars. Lord Shiva took this avatar to eradicate evil from the universe. Marthanda Bhairava is known for his unflinching courage and powers to destroy evil.

Legends linked to Marthanda Bhairava Homam

Once there were two brothers- Malla and Manika. They received boons from Lord Brahma but started creating havoc after it. They troubled devas and disturbed the peace of devaloka. All the devatas then contacted Lord Brahma to get a solution for the problem. Lord Brahma directed them to Lord Shiva. The mighty Lord took the avatar of Marthanda Bhairava, and goddess Parvati accompanied him by manifesting as Mahalsa. Lord Shiva and Parvati, in their Marthanda Bhairava and Mahalsa avatars, killed Malla and Manika, bringing their evil deeds to a brutal end.

Significance of Marthanda Bhairava Homam

In Marthanda Bhairava Homam, a fire kund is set with a sacrificial bonfire. Devotional offerings take place, and other rituals are performed to cherish the imperial deity Marthanda Bhairava. Mantras and slokas are chanted in praise of the supreme deity Marthanda Bhairava in the Homa ritual.

Boons of Marthanda Bhairava Homam

Marthanda Bhairava Homam brings fortune and abundance to devotees. It adores life with the blessings and vital aura of the imperial Lord Shiva. It eradicates ill spells and negativity from their life. The ritual brings accomplishment and prosperity. It removes all adverse elements that hinder financial glory. Worshippers can attain accomplishment and bliss with this auspicious Homam. It keeps away the wrath of enemies. It resolves family crises and stabilises relationships. The fire ritual also grants fertility and healthy progeny. The precious Homam nullifies pessimistic energies. It keeps all the longings, worries and stresses away.

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Marthanda Bhairava Homam brings the blessings of almighty Lord Bhairava or Shiva. It removes negative energies and evil spells from the devotee’s life. It grants them the courage and vitality to live life with vitality. The Homa ritual also sways away obstacles and enemies. It assists the worshippers in attaining goodwill and fortune.

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