About supreme Lord Maha Ganapati

Lord Ganapati is one of Hindu cosmology’s most supreme and powerful deities. There are 54 essential incarnations of Lord Ganapati, and supreme Lord Maha Ganapati is one of them. Maha Ganapati is one of the influential embodiments of Lord Ganesha among the Ganapatya sect. Legends narrate that this aspect of Lord Ganesha is more potent than the trinity godheads- Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Maha Ganapati is a highly revered and supreme avatar of Lord Ganapati. Lord Shakti sits on the lap of mighty Maha Ganapati and bestows him immense energies to create, preserve and destroy the world or all the trinity powers.

Importance of Maha Ganapati in the Vedic realm

Maha Ganapati is a supreme, divine and highly revered aspect of Lord Ganapati. The legends narrate that this manifestation of Ganapati exists even before creating the universe. His essence and powers are supreme among all the godheads. Maha Ganapati has the power to exist even after the absolute destruction or dissolution of the universe.  He is an immortal and divine figure who continues to live and slay evil energies after the pralaya. The ancient texts narrate that Lord Maha Ganapati created the commanding Lord Brahma. Brahma created the universe, and it is how life began. The supreme divinity Maha Ganapati is behind the creations and life on earth, and there is no power superior to him. Worshipping Lord Ganesha in this aspect brings rejuvenation and supreme bliss in life.

Significance of Maha Ganapati Homam

In Maha Ganapati Homam, a fire is set up, and a sacred fire is lit to invite the glories of Lord Ganesha. Sankalpa is performed, and other holy offerings take place in the Homam. Mantras or slokas are chanted, and legends are recited in the glory of the imperial deity Maha Ganapati.

Benefits of  Maha Ganapathi Homam

Maha Ganapathi Homam brings peace and glory to life. The Homam glorifies life with the blessings of Lord Ganapati and mighty goddess Shakti. Lord Ganesha brings riddhi or good fortune and siddhis or supernatural powers in this avatar. This fire ritual brings bliss, magnificence and nurturing wealth in life. It enriches the devotee’s life with the glorious aura and blessings of Lord Ganapati. The Homa ritual also eradicates pitru dosha from the horoscope. It also destroys the kula dosha and strengthens the links of kula with the devatas.  It integrates life with immense harmony and sheer abundance. The highly revered Homam fulfils life with fortune, goodwill and endless prosperity. This powerful Homam keeps the health issues linked with immune, cardiovascular and nervous networks away. It brings immense success in life and helps accomplish remarkable feats. It also brings spiritual peace, awakenings and enlightenment to devotees diminishing all the ill spells and darkness from life.

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