Kalabhairava Jayanthi

Attain magical powers on Kalabhairava Ashtami


Kalabhairavan is the Lord of Time or Kaalam. He is worshipped on 21st November being his Jayanthi or birth anniversary.

Everything happens in one’s life according to time. Time can ruin a person’s very existence. Hence, it needs to be revered. The best time to conquer time is now. You can even attain magical powers by worshipping Lord Kalabairava on this day.

Kalabhairava Jayanthi falls on the eighth day of the waning full moon in the month of November. This year, it is on November 21. The lord presents himself in a fearful form because he wanted to take revenge on Lord Brahma who spoke badly.

On the occasion of Kalabhairava Jayanti, devotees stay awake the whole night and worship Lord Shiva by reciting prayers and mantras. At midnight, pooja is performed to the sound of beating drums. In the early morning, devotees take bath and perform prayers for their departed ancestors. Lord Kalabhairav rides a dog and thus, on the occasion of his Jayanti, dogs are offered food by the devotees. It is believed that on this day the devotees are blessed with magical powers that can transform their lives. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, all problems are mitigated and devotees become successful, prosperous and healthy.


Rudram Chamakam homam


Come join in the festivities as Vedicfolks’ scholars and pundits perform Rudram Chamakam homam for the welfare of devotees.

Rudram Chamakam homam helps to conquer time, students can score well and complete their tasks on time, removes malefic effects of various planets, achieve success and prosperity  and also protects against diseases.



Vedicfoks offers free pooja at the ancient Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore for devotees ordering Rudram Chamakam homam. This ancient temple built in the 7th century CE by the Pallavas is the most revered and ancient place of worship by the Hindus. Get blessed for life by offering prayers at such a temple known for its historical significance and heritage.