Karma Remedial Services

Karma Predictions would put forth where your problem lies. Now, it is time for Karma Remedial Services. Remedial measures must be undertaken immediately after coming to know how your Karma affects you and your education.

Vedic Folks are the pioneers in offering Karma Remedial Services. We understand that our clients want to accomplish something in education so that their lifestyle can get much better. There are two types of Karma Remedial Services that we offer.


We prescribe Homams for clients who want to excel in education. Homams have a direct impact on our lives and must be performed only by expert Pundits. At Vedic Folks, we understand how Homams can change the course of life and let our clients’ have better education prospects. Try out our Homam remedies to believe it!

Poojas and Pariharas

Despite working hard and being studious, have you not been able to succeed in education? Bogged down by low marks? Well, Poojas and Pariharas will certainly help you. Not all will be lucky enough to pick and choose the course they want to pursue and this is attributed to the bad Karma of that person.

Check out how Poojas and Pariharas can help. Our consultants at Vedic Folks will make sure that the Poojas and Pariharas prescribed to the client is based on their Karma.

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