Karma Remedial Services can greatly help in solving issues regarding relationships. Once the Karma Predictions are done, the next obvious step is the Karma Remedial Services. Vedic Folks stresses on the importance of the Karma Remedial Services as we understand the need for cordial relations between family members. The Karma Remedial Services that we offer are based on the time-tested methods – Homams and Vasthu.


Homams have always had a good effect when performed by experienced pundits. Strict doctrines apply in conducting Homams and our pundits at Vedic Folks will ensure that they are all followed perfectly well.

The Homams help to get rid of evil effects and lead a peaceful life. If you are looking for tranquility, harmony and peace at home then check out with our experts about the Homams that will bring in the desired results soon.


Some alteration to the building structure will bring in a lot of changes. This truth has been experienced by a lot of people in the past and that’s why it drives many to try out Vasthu changes. Vasthu alterations must be prescribed by able Vasthu experts. At Vedic Folks, our clients place trust on us completely because they know our experts can suggest changes that will demonstrate positive results rapidly.

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