Karma Remedial Services

Karma Predictions will have put forth where exactly the problem lies. It is now your turn to opt for Karma Remedial Services. Only complete and proper remedial measures can yield the desired results. At Vedic Folks we realize that seeking Karma Remedial Services to improve finances should be given due importance because nothing can be possessed without money.

The buzzword today is ‘Finances’ to enjoy a clout not only in the society but also among friends and relatives.


Some Vasthu changes can have a great influence in your finances. The ancient science of architecture known as Vasthu has some guidelines on how and where the rooms should be located for a complete and good lifestyle.

For example the Northern part of the house or business establishment is the place where the Lord of Wealth resides. It is also known as the Kubera Moolai.

Overlooking such minor details can have a great impact in one’s finances. For this reason, we at Vedic Folks, offer a comprehensive Vasthu service.


Consultants at Vedic Folks advocate Homams for clients in deep financial troubles. The Laskhmi Kuber Homam and Maha Lakshmi Homam will be prescribed to clients depending on their Karma. We also vouch that these Homams will be performed by Vedic Pundits who has ample experience in performing such Homams.

Perfectly performed Homams will give immediate results and considering its effectiveness we have it executed only through experts.

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