Mercury Homam

Mercury Homam – For Gaining Intelligence Level

Mercury is significator of sagacity and business. One who is searching for enhancement ready to go need to try for Budh Puja/Homam.those who is feeble at studies, needing fixation and experiencing the ill effects of pulse and sugar issue and so forth. Additionally those running Mercury dasha or Sub-period. A request to God to Budha, on Wednesdays, gets complex profits like uprooting snags, offspring, ownership of prolific grounds, and so on.

Mercury or Budha, as we know, is a circle of rock and iron, vigorously cratered by hits of stellar items, bubbling at day time and solidifying during the evening rotating at a separation of around 57 million miles from the Sun. Mercury in Vedic crystal gazing is likewise called Sasiputra, Budha is thought to be posterity of Chandra. The expression “Budha” implies distinguishment. Budha symbolizes discourse and mind in man.

Benefits of Performing Mercury Homam

  • Mercury Homam favorable for individuals who are frail at studies, need fixation and experience the ill effects of circulatory strain and sugar issue and so forth.
  • Those who have Mercury graham Dhosha can perform this Homam.
  • Helpful for uprooting obstructions, descendants, ownership of prolific grounds, and so forth
  • Performing Mercury Homam gives credits to knowledge and positive vibrations in you.

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