In the world of astrology and the zodiac, Rahu, a fictitious and shadow planet, is crucial. A devotee’s life is impacted negatively by this planet’s birth chart placement, which causes suffering and anxiety. This planet’s negative consequences include task delays and obstacles in the way of success.

Similar to Rahu, Ketu is a fictional planet that has negative effects. It invites various problems in life if its location in the birth or natal chart is out of line. When things are aligned properly, stability, renown, and riches are attracted. The path to salvation, bliss, and happiness is hampered by its less favourable alignment.

Significance of Rahu and Ketu planets

Rahu and Ketu are two significant planets in the Vedic astrological system. They are known as the ascending and descending nodes of the moon, respectively. Rahu can be thought of as a demon who drinks the nectar of immortality and is cursed to have his head severed from his body for doing so. He was reincarnated as a celestial dragon who has a head but no body.

Ketu is Rahu’s brother, and he represents wisdom. He was reincarnated as a serpent without poison or fangs, he has simply been stripped of all his powers except for the power to give enlightenment.

Rahu and Ketu came into being as a result of the Samudra manthan, or the vast churning of the ocean. During this time, an elixir of immortality appeared from the sea. On that day, devas and asuras engaged in a violent battle. To distribute the immortality nectar, the camps of the devas and asuras were divided.

In order to give forth the elixir, Lord Vishnu manifested as Mohini. The Devas devised a plan to consume the entire batch of elixir before it got to the Asuras’ camp. When Swarbhanu learned of this scheme, he pretended to be a deva and infiltrated the devas’ camp. He arrived and took a seat between Lord Sun and Lord Chandra. As soon as the devas realised Swarbhanu’s plan, Lord Vishnu assaulted him using Sudarshana chakra, his imperial weapon.  Swarbhanu was already half eternal because he had the everlasting nectar. His head escaped Lord Vishnu’s onslaught and was split into two pieces, Rahu and Ketu. Since then, Rahu and Ketu have become known as two fictitious planets that cause astrological stress and negativity.

Significance of Rahu and Ketu Homam

As it develops a tremendous ability to shut down all the negative influences and nurture life with just positivity, Rahu and Ketu Homam acquire enormous significance. A specific puja ritual is performed, a fire kund is lit, and Rahu and Ketu are appeased. In this homam, silver snakes representing Rahu and Ketu planets are worshipped. The Rahu and Ketu mantras as well as significant stories that exclusively draw the advantageous effects of these planets are chanted during the fire ceremony.

Boons of Rahu and Ketu Homam

The benefits of Rahu and Ketu Homam are manifold for the followers. Rich harmony and abundance are bestowed by the Rahu and Ketu Homam. It only supports life when it is peaceful and stable. The fire ceremony helps to dispel the negative influences of Rahu and Ketu, two dark planets. It removes all negativity and gloom from life and only brings glory and radiance. It grants devotees tremendous financial blessings and wealth.

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