In Vedic astrology, doshas represent unfavorable positions of planets in a horoscope. It is also referred as an obstacle that is caused by karmic issues and other problems. There are different types of doshas that cause severe consequences in life. Kala Sarpa dosha can lead to potential threats and risks in life. This dosha is considered as a dangerous one which often results in several agonies including death. Kala Sarpa dosha is formed in a horoscope when all the seven planets come between Rahu and Kethu which brings immense difficulties to a person.

People who have Kala Sarpa dosha face instability in life, mental disturbances, financial losses, family problems and death fear from snakes. However, partial Kala Sarpa dosha will not affect a person as much when compared to complete one. A person becomes violent and mainly engages in criminal activities if he or she is having the signs of Kala Sarpa dosha. Moreover, it leads to health diseases which destroy the quality of life. At the same time, there are certain remedies that are available for getting relief from Kala Sarpa dosha problems in an effective manner.

Kalasarpa Dosham

One can worship Lord Hanuman, Maha Ganapathy and goddess Durga for eliminating Kala Sarpa dosha problems. Mantras can be recited regularly to get blessings from them for experiencing peace of mind. Expert Vedic astrologers recommend certain types of homams for those who want to reduce Kala Sarpa dosha problems quickly. Chandi homam is a suitable one for minimizing complications of this dosha to a wider extent. Durga homam provides methods for recovering from Kala Sarpa dosha problems by destroying the bad influences of planets in a horoscope.

According to Vedic scriptures, Lord Ganapathy plays a key role in removing the Kala Sharpa dosha problems by fulfilling the desires of devotees. Maha Ganapathy homam is also considered as a powerful one for resolving Kala Sarpa dosha issues. Anyone who wants to organize all the homams should seek support from a leading Vedic firm for ensuring optimum results.

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