Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda or Subramanya, is a widely revered deity, embodying a powerful combination of strength from his mother, Goddess Parvati, and wisdom from his father, Lord Shiva. As a symbol of ultimate power and intelligence, he epitomizes peace and protection. The brother of Lord Ganesh, Muruga is also connected to the cosmos, ruling over the Pleiadean star system and known as a master of Kundalini yoga, a deep spiritual practice focusing on an energy believed to originate at the base of the spine.


In astrology, Lord Muruga is associated with the planet Mars. Devotion to this magnificent son of Lord Shiva can enhance the influence of Mars, or Ankaraka, in one’s horoscope, helping to resolve issues ranging from relationship challenges and health problems to land disputes. His worship is also linked to maintaining youth and vigor. Problems like the Manglik dosha in marriage and menstrual health issues can be alleviated through his invocation. ‘Shatru Samhara Trishati’ involves chanting 300 names of Lord Muruga to conquer enemies. The Shatru Samhara Trishati Homam is a powerful ceremony aimed at resolving unexpected conflicts and protecting against enmity.


During the month of Karthika, the Soora Samharam festival is observed, culminating the important Skanda Sashti Vrath that honors Lord Muruga. This day is celebrated in remembrance of Lord Muruga’s triumphant battle against the demon, Soora Padman, representing the victory of good over evil. Conducting the Shatru Samharam Trishati Homam on this auspicious day is particularly effective for conquering challenges and attaining success in various aspects of life.


Importance of SriShatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam

The  Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam begins by calling upon Lord Muruga and chanting his 300 holy names, a practice known as Shatru Samhara Trishati. In the ritual, offerings like ghee and grains are made to sacred flames, representing ego surrender and divine plea. Each of Lord Muruga’s names is recited with deep devotion, creating a spiritual atmosphere and connecting with the deity.

This Homam is powerful in removing negative forces and obstacles. Invoking Lord Muruga helps overcome both internal and external foes, bringing peace and balance. It acts as a spiritual tool against unexpected conflicts and embodies triumph over evil. The Homam leads to spiritual strength, safeguards from enemies, and supports success in life. The Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam stands as a potent spiritual shield, providing divine safeguard and direction.

Boons of Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam

The Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam is a potent Vedic fire ritual honoring Lord Muruga, also called Skanda or Subramanya. It centers on reciting Lord Muruga’s 300 names, known as ‘Shatru Samhara Trishati.’ Devotees perform this to seek Lord Muruga’s help in overcoming difficulties and guarding against hostility. Lord Muruga, a symbol of ultimate power and wisdom, is sought for his ability to grant peace and protection, making this Homam a haven for those facing major life hurdles.

This Homam involves chanting sacred mantras and deep devotion. The ritual uses fire as a conduit to send prayers to the heavens. It’s believed to dispel conflicts, ward off negative forces, and bring back peace and balance. Especially significant on Soora Samharam day, this Homam celebrates Lord Muruga’s defeat of demon Soora Padman. It symbolizes victory over evil and empowers participants to overcome their own life challenges.

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