Goddess Lakshmi is a mighty goddess who represents good fortune and prosperity. She is the goddess of beauty, wisdom and fertility.

Lakshmi is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with four arms, which represent the four goals of life: dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation). Sometimes she can be depicted as two-armed, holding a lotus flower in one hand and a water jug in another.

She wears a red sari with gold borders, which symbolizes her wealth and power to grant wealth to her devotees. Her crown is shaped like a thousand petals of the lotus flower, which represents purity of mind.

The goddess Lakshmi’s eight highest manifestations are called Ashta Lakshmi. These royal Lakshmi avatars admire a devotee’s life filled with prosperity and material advantages. The supreme divinity learns that Maya, Lakshmi, and Mahadevi are closely related to her. Vaikuntha is the home of Ashta Lakshmi, who is married to the mighty Lord Vishnu. The greatest Yogi Ved Vyasa extols the virtues of Ashta Lakshmi avatars in the Brahmanda Purana.

  • The regal goddess Lakshmi’s first and most potent manifestation is Adi Lakshmi.
  • Goddess Lakshmi manifests as Dhana Lakshmi, who brings unending wealth and fame.
  • This magnificent goddess Lakshmi’s avatar, Dhanya Lakshmi, promotes agricultural prosperity.
  • Gaja Lakshmi, known as the Lakshmi with elephants, is well-known for bestowing financial strength.
  • Santana Lakshmi, the ultimate deity, bestows blessings upon her worshippers in the form of healthy children and prosperous marriage prospects.
  • Veera Lakshmi bestows the most incredible fortitude and strength necessary to overcome any challenging circumstances in life.
  • In Vidya Lakshmi form, the goddess Lakshmi bestows blessings of comprehension, competence, and knowledge.
  • The magnificent Vijaya Lakshmi cherishes life with steadiness and bravery to achieve any accomplishment and honour.

Significance of Ashta Lakshmi Homam

In primitive times, the number eight, or Ashta, was seen unfavourably because it attracts terrible energy. But later on, Lady Lakshmi assumed eight different guises to defend the devotees in eight distinct locations. She first informed Lord Narada of her eight avatars. The word of ashta daridra, or eight misfortune, was further extinguished by the great Lord Narada. A wrong turn of events known as Ashta Daridra brings gloom into one’s life. The godhead of difficulties and Jyeshtha are the ones who inflict this dreadful illness. The evil intentions of Jyeshtha are fought by all of Ashta Lakshmi’s incarnations, who brutally put an end to all opposing forces.

The Ashta Lakshmi Homam is given great significance in the Vedic world. Mantras or slokas are performed during this Homam to appease eight Lakshmi manifestations. Giving gifts of food, flowers, and devotional offerings is a significant Homam tradition.

Boons of Ashta Lakshmi Homam

Following are a handful of Ashta Lakshmi Homam’s most significant benefits:

  • Ashta Lakshmi Homam brings the benefits of the goddess Lakshmi’s eight principal manifestations.
  • A devotee’s life is enriched with great wealth and plenty.
  • The Homa ritual exalts life with unending wealth and material blessings.
  • This Homam can eliminate all planetary doshas and ailments that prevent stability and financial gains.
  • It enriches the life of a worshipper with honour, prosperity, and success.
  • Success and accomplishment in all endeavours, particularly business ones, enrich life.

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