Navagraha Maha Homam on Masi Magam is a special fire ritual performed to appease the nine planets. It is believed that these planets affect people’s well-being, health, and prosperity. If you have problems in your life, then you can perform this ritual to eliminate those problems. This puja can also be performed for a particular purpose, such as if you want to get married or if you want to buy something desirable.

If you perform this Homam in the Masi Magam phase (March/April), it will bring your life prosperity and happiness. You will feel the positive energy around you, and this sacred energy will help you achieve success in your life.

The great importance of Masi Magam

Masi Magam is an auspicious and sacred day that radiates a serene aura and helps attract the blessings of the supreme Lord Shiva. It falls in the eleventh month of the Tamil calendar. The word Magam means “new moon”. The paramount significance of this festival is to pray for the well-being and prosperity of the family members.

All the ancestors are believed to have come to earth on this day and bathed to get rid of all their sins. It helps in getting rid of all the bad karma and also generational curses. Thus, masi magam is primarily devoted to the ancestors or the pitra devatas.

Those who take a sacred dip in the sea receive immense blessings from the mighty Lord Shiva. One can attain peace, salvation and liberation from the vicious birth and death cycle by dipping into the sea on this zealous day.

Significance of Navagraha Maha Homam 

Navagraha Maha Homam is performed to eliminate the negative energies of the planets. These planetary energies are believed to affect our lives and bring negative energy into our lives. If we do not perform this special homam, we will continue to face problems in our lives.

The name Navagraha refers to nine planets that are known as grahas or devas in the Vedic realm. They are considered gods and goddesses who rule over all aspects of life on earth. The nine planets are:

Sun – Surya

Moon – Chandra

Mars – Mangal

Mercury – Budh

Jupiter – Guru

Venus – Shukra

Saturn – Shani

Here is how nine planets or navagrahas can impact our lives:

Sun: It protects the prosperous and healthy aspects of life.

Moon: This planet increases the likelihood of success and helps people accomplish great things.

Mercury: Protects aspects related to equity and wisdom.

Mars: It bestows knowledge and good health.

Jupiter: Protects aspects related to intelligence, learning, and knowledge.

Venus: It bestows talent in the arts.

Saturn: Strengthens joy, objectivity, and introspection.

Rahu: Provides stability to life while guarding against opposing forces and foes.

Ketu: Strengthens luck, well-being, prosperity, and affluence.

Boons of Navagraha Maha Homam 

Here are a few notable boons of precious Navagraha Maha Homam:

  • The nine major planets of the solar system can be pleased, and their advantages are attracted with the use of Navagraha Homam.

  • The Homam cancels out the effects of negative karma and actions from previous lives.

  • It promotes knowledge, insight, and overall growth.

  • The Homam eliminates the destructive effects of the shadow planets Ketu and Rahu.

  • The Homam attracts pious bliss in life, which leads to happiness and renewal.

  • It gives life richness, and peace eradicates all doshas and diseases connected to the nine planets.

  • With momentum and grace, this Homam cherishes the cycle of life and brings calm and enormous stability into one’s life.

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