Karma Remedial Services

Every situation in life has a remedial measure; so why do you fret if your career is not moving in the right direction? Heavy losses in business, no job satisfaction, dissatisfied career, problems in workplace, are all due to one’s Karma.

When we mention Karma, we also need to point out that there are some specialized remedial measures suggested thousands of years ago which holds good even today.

For career prospects, business expansion, profits, promotions, salary hike etc., Vedic Folks offered extensive consultation on what can set things right in your life.

We offer two powerful solutions for these problems – Homams and Vasthu.


At Vedic Folks we have pundits well-versed in the Vedas and Mantras to offer this service to our clients. After a thorough analysis on where the problem lies, our consultants will guide through the rest of the process that needs to be done to solve all career-, work- or business-related problems.

The power of Homams can be experienced only if it is performed by pundits qualified, trained and experienced. Our clients can be sure that the pundits at Vedic Folks fulfill all the three criteria.

Some of the Homams suggest for uplifting the career and business are Lakshmi Kuber Homam and Sudharsana Homam. However, our consultants will analyze each and every individual’s problems before suggesting a remedial measure.


The places we dwell have a direct influence on our career and business. We spend ample time at our workplace and home and if there are some negative influences in these places then its repercussions will dangerously bad. It is, therefore, recommended to make some Vasthu changes to derive better results.

Vasthu experts at Vedic Folks will propose exact changes that need to be made for immediate results. Several clients have benefitted through our Vasthu consultation; so what’s holding you back? Try our Vasthu consultation now and improve your business and career.

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