Healing Services

For a successful career good health is predominant. With ailments, one cannot put in 100 percent of his/her effort in the work entrusted. Therefore, a thriving business and successful career depends largely on health.

A healthy body, brisk mind and stress-free are all important for career and business development too.

At Vedic Folks we realize the importance of this and therefore offer Healing Services to our individual as well as corporate clients.

Corporate clients are encouraged to opt for a comprehensive Healing Service package for their employees for optimistic results and business development.


Reiki does not include medications or surgery. It is a form of healing services offered by Vedic Folks that rejuvenates the mind and body of the clients. Reiki is a form of Complementary Healing that employs only the use of palms or hands. The treatment is only by touching, clapping, etc.

Vedic Folks propose Reiki to over-worked and over-stressed clients. Tension and stress are two major factors that can pull you down the career ladder. If you want to climb up fast and easy, opt for Reiki at Vedic Folks now!

Pyramid Services

We at Vedic Folks understand that fatigue, stress, tension, et. al., are associated with work and career-related problems. Things may be fine at home but office may be a hell. No job satisfaction, lack of appreciation, unsatisfied boss, etc., may be the root cause for all this.

Try out the Pyramid Services offered at Vedic Folks and you will realize the difference. Your performance at work and business is sure to increase by leaps and bounds!

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