The importance of Akshaya Tritiya 

Akshaya tritiya 2014

Akshaya tritiya 2014

Akashaya Tritiyaday is followed in India during April- May months based on the planetary positions. This day is considered as an auspicious one as many people start their new ventures for achieving success in life. Some even prefer to buy jewelry items on Akashaya Tritya to gain more wealth and prosperity. It is also believed that this day will bring luck and fortunes to a person to earn more income and revenues. According to ancient Vedic texts, Akashaya Tritya comes on the birthday of Lord Parasurama who is said to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The Akashaya Tritiya is a momentous occasion and special Poojas are also conducted at temples, homes and other places for gaining better prospects. People offer donations and worship their favorite deities to get blessings from them. This day falls on the exaltation of sun and moon planets that have equal brightness. Vedic scriptures reveal that organizing Lakshmi Kubera Pooja on this day will help to witness major benefits in life. One can also worship Lakshmi Kubera Yantra on Akashaya Tritiya to acquire more wealth in life. Akashaya means imperishable or eternal which never vanish.

Akashaya Tritiya is mainly celebrated to ensure material gains in abundance. Anyone who wants to fulfill their desires can perform special Poojas on this day to start a bright life. This day is celebrated on 2nd May, 2014 which is said to be best one for Goddess Mahalakhsmi. It is highly recommended to perform Pujas and other rituals on this day to reach high levels in life.

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